Know It All

Sony announces the XV-AL100 Video Editing System which combines an edit controller, titler and audio
mixer in one box. The edit controller can store up to 20 scenes in memory and is RC time code compatible.
The titler provides an on-screen menu and gives you a choice of three fonts, two character sizes and eight
colors. The titler also includes nine pre-set titles for quick and easy use. The audio mixer allows users to
mix between the original soundtrack, an auxiliary audio source and a microphone input. (201) 930-

Suggested retail price: $700


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Real Music

Musi-Q Productions, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, announces its newest buy-out CD title, Classical. Contains
over 70 minutes of solo acoustic, chamber, and full orchestra selections. Musicians on disk include top
studio and philharmonic players, as well as the University of Miami Orchestra. (305) 572-9276.

Suggested retail price: $75

Big Viewfinder

The newest Handycam from Sony features a high-resolution color viewfinder. The CCD-FX330 8mm
camcorder also boasts a 10:1 power zoom lens, Control-L jack and wireless remote. (201) 930-1000.

Suggested retail price: $800

Sea Everything

Seacam Subsea Systems, Huntington Beach, California, introduces the new Model Se-7 underwater
housing. Designed for Sony’s TR series camcorders, the unit accesses the camcorder’s Control-L system to
drive such functions as telephoto/wide angle, white balance, record/standby, manual focus, etc. The Se-7
also sports a dual 50-watt halogen light system powered by an external 12 volt, 7 amp-hour battery. (714)

Suggested retail price: $1500

Load Lightener

OP/TECH USA of Belgrade, Montana presents the Super Bag Strap for use with bags and cases of all
types. The neoprene pad combined with stretch backing makes carrying a heavy bag more comfortable.
Comes with three types of connections to adapt to most bag types. (406) 388-1377.

Suggested retail price: $25

Road Power

PowerStar Products, Sunnyvale, California, introduces the Pocket Socket, a 12 volt DC to 115 volt AC
power inverter. This device plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and provides a continuous 100 watt
power source. That’s plenty of power to run camcorder, laptop computer, or other AC appliance. (800)

Suggested retail price: $80

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