Ruvi Camcorder Fits into the Palm of your Hand

Groovy Ruvi

Sony recently introduced the Ruvi, a pocket-sized camcorder. The Ruvi stores 30 minutes of Hi8 quality video with AFM hi-fi audio, by using an internal Hi8XR cartridge. The Ruvi will operate for one hour on two AA batteries, or 90 minutes on the supplied rechargeable Infolithium battery. For a monitor, the Ruvi has a 2.5-inch passive LCD view screen that uses available light. (800) 222-7669.

Suggested retail price: $799

NTSC and PAL Playback

With the ES7000V, a new Hi8 camcorder from Canon, you can view tapes on either an NTSC or PAL 60Hz television set. The ES7000V also features a 16x optical zoom and a high powered digital magnifier which, when used in tandem, bring the total zoom to 240x, according to Canon. The ES7000V incorporates new low-power consumption circuitry for longer battery life, and a high-resolution 3.5-inch color LCD view screen. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $999

TARGA Turnkey System

Truevision has announced a fully configured video production workstation. Designed around the IBM Intellistation M Pro computer system, the workstation will, according to Truevision, incorporate their TARGA digital video engine, and Avids MCXpress NT nonlinear editing software. Key features of the system include full screen editing, unlimited compositing and layering of two video tracks and superior audio-video synchronization, said Truevision. The system will support NTSC and PAL video standards, and composite or S-video input/outputs. (800) 344-8783

Suggested retail price: $8,495

Editing Home Movies on the PC

A new product for editing home videos on your PC, the VideoStudio, is available from Ulead. Built around the core technology of Uleads MediaStudio Pro, VideoStudio guides users through the video creation process, according to Ulead. Using an intuitive interface, users can drag-and-drop clips onto a timeline, add transitions, titles, voice-overs and background music. When finished, the user records the finished program to videotape, or saves it as a computer file (.AVI, .MOV or .MPG). (310) 523-9393

Suggested retail price: $80

New Video Processor

NUWAVE Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of its NVP 2.2 video processor. According to NUWAVE, the stand-alone or PC-based processor enables independent adjustments of color, intensity, black level, clarity and noise reduction. The processor features S-video and composite inputs and outputs. The input signal is switch-operated. However, both outputs are active when the unit is operating, and there is a bypass button to compare the image before and after processing. (973) 882-8810

Suggested retail price: $1,195

Location Light Kit

The Location Pro Lighting series of light kits is new from NRG Research, Inc. According to NRG, the light head features alloy-etched reflectors and a unique 8:1 focusing mechanism to adjust the spread and concentration of the light. Removable metal scrims protect the 500-, 750- or 1000-watt high-efficiency quartz lamps. Each kit includes six-leaf barn doors and nine-foot stands. (800) 753-0357

Suggested retail price: with three lights $989, with four lights $1,299

New Lens for the XL1

Canon has a new lens for the XL1 DV camcorder, the XL Extra Wide-Angle 3x Zoom Lens. According to Canon, the new lens provides 70-degrees of horizontal view, the widest field-of-view on any DV camcorder. The lens has a focal length range from 3.4mm to 10.2mm, equivalent to a 24mm to 72mm lens on a 35mm still camera. Canon claims the lens achieves 600 TV lines of resolution. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $1,599

Multiple-input Monitor

Proton Corporation has introduced the NT-3860, a new 36-inch video monitor/receiver with stereo audio. The new monitor features two composite video and audio inputs, two S-video inputs, one component video input with audio, one video and audio output and one TV output. The audio, video and S-video inputs are on the front panel for convenient connection of peripheral equipment, and each video input can be individually set for contrast, bright, tint, color and detail. (562) 404-2222

Suggested retail price: $2,600

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