Edit Cam

Canon has released its latest Mini-DV camcorder, the Vistura. Featuring
Canon’s new Lens Shift Method of optical image stabilization, the Vistura
boosts a 16x optical zoom and a 64x digital zoom. The new DV camcorder has
a built-in auto editing function that allows users to select up to 20 scenes
and edit them to virtually any VCR, with the Vistura activating the VCR.
Another function that is featured on the Vistura is a built-in battery charger
that eliminates the need to remove the battery for charging. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $1,999

LCD on the Move

A color monitor is important to have in the field. RCA has introduced a
new AC/DC powered portable color television with four-inch liquid crystal
display that can easily serve as a field monitor. The new L4000BC portable
television has audio and video input jacks that accept your camcorders signal,
and a built-in tripod mount. It also has a headphone jack, a removable battery
compartment, a DC car cord and a built-in carry strap. In addition, it is
a color television with RCA’s electric signal-seek tuner. (800) 336-1900

Suggested retail price: $329

Fast Rings

Westcott has released two new speed rings for mounting light boxes on Lowel
tota and omni lights. According to Westcott, the rings are made of spun
steel to withstand the high heat generated by continuous exposure to hot
lights. An adapter is included to allow the rings to pivot up and down when
they are attached to light stands. The rings can be used with Westcott or
other industry light boxes. (419) 243-7311

Suggested retail price: tota $119, omni $139

Circle reader service number XX

Tiny Eye

Supercircuits has introduced a new pinhole video camera, the PC-57XP. The
camera uses the latest ¼-inch CCD video chipset from Toshiba. The
dimensions of the chipset are 2.25 (height) by .85 (width) by .5 (depth)
inches. The PC-57XP operates on 5 volts of DC power, has 330 lines of horizontal
resolution and controls exposure automatically with an electronic shutter
which is capable of shutter speeds of up to 1/100,000 per second. The camera
outputs standard NTSC video through an RCA plug. (800) 335-9777

Suggested retail price: $160

Defensive Drive

Promise Technology, Inc. has introduced a PCI card for desktop PCs called
the DriveDefender. According to the manufacturer, "The DriveDefender
continuously protects data against drive failures without slowing system
performance every time a user saves". The DriveDefender protects the
data of any system drive by pairing it with a second low-cost UDMA or EIDE
drive and simultaneously sends identical data to both drives. The DriveDefender
will keep the system running by using the good drive, eliminating down time
or loosing data. (800) 888-0245 ext.244

Suggested retail price: $99


AKG Acoustics has released the WMS 60, a new VHF wireless microphone system.
According to AKG, the new system incorporates a modern propriety diversity
design that offers seven selectable frequency sets. The receiver operates
in a sub-band up to 4MHz wide between the 138MHz and 250MHz VHF frequency
band and features balanced and unbalanced switchable outputs for both line
and mike levels. The system can use a D880 handheld microphone transmitter
or a C417 body pack lavalier mike transmitter. (615) 360-0499

Suggested retail price: With D880 handheld microphone $580; with C417 lavalier
microphone $654

More Power

NRG Research has a solution for powering the Canon XL-1 from an external
DC power source with two new power adapter cables, the 2CD-01 (cigarette
lighter plug) and the 2CD-04 (4-pin XLR). Each adapter replaces the standard
XL-1 battery and connects to any 10 to 17 volt DC power source, allowing
you to use battery packs, belts or even automotive cigarette lighter outlets.
Using a high efficiency regulator, the adapter matches incoming power precisely
to the camera’s requirements, according to the manufacturer. (800) 753-0357

Suggested retail price: 2CD-01, $70; 2CD-04, $80

On Track

To help you get professional looking action shots with small camcorders,
Classic Video Products has released the SteadyTRACKER F-10 camcorder stabilizer.
According to the manufacturer, the handheld mount that will support camcorders
up to 10 pounds, and allows users to walk or run over uneven terrain, or
go up and down stairs without the camcorder shaking. The mount weights only
4 pounds, complete with counterweights. The SteadyTRACKER F-10 works with
an optional 2, 3 or 4-inch LCD monitor. (949) 362-3741

Suggested retail price $650

A Little Light on the Subject

Frezzi Energy Systems has introduced a new on-camcorder light called
the Full Spectrum MA-50 HMI. According to the manufacturer, the efficient
65-watt "Mini-Arc" light produces a light output equivalent to
a 200-watt quartz light. Made of high strength machined aluminum, the light
is color balanced to 5500 degrees Kelvin, providing a true daylight balanced
light source. The Full Spectrum MA-50 operates from any 12, 13 or 14-volt
battery and can be mounted on a camcorder, a light stand or held by hand.
(973) 427-1160

Suggested retail price $1,595

Fast Effects

Videonics, Inc. has released the Effetto Pronto digital video effects
and compositing system for the Macintosh ® platform. According to Videonics,
the Effetto Pronto (which means "fast effects" in Italian)
is made up of the "Effetto QuickTime-based compositing software
and Pronto, a dedicated PCI effects processing engine". A desktop
based hardware and software compositing tool, the Effecto Pronto
offers real-time effects processing and unlimited layering capabilities.
The titler gives users unlimited text overlap, free-form text positioning
and point and click typing. (408) 866-8300

Suggested retail price: $4,995

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