FAST Electronic lets you Edit like a Whiz
Fast Editing of DV Video

FAST Electronic has announced a new DV editing solution created expressly for Windows NT, the DV Master Pro. The new system is bundled with Speed Razor DV editing software, which has been specifically adapted for the FAST DV Master hardware. The new software, which has its own file format for video and audio data, is not bound by the 2 GB limit of Video for Windows. According to FAST, editing and playback of long-format video, regardless of length, is possible.

Suggested retail price: $4995


How to Make a

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Signal for a Test

TenLab has a new signal generator that the home video producer can use to test video monitors, projectors and other production equipment. The MultiTest 100 and MultiTest 200 are digital video generators specially designed for the serious home video enthusiast. The units include a comprehensive instruction booklet. The MultiTest 100/200 units, which generate both NTSC and PAL signals, have three types of outputs; composite video, S-video, and RF (radio frequency).

Suggested retail price: from $399

Bag It

Beseler Photo Division of
the Charles Beseler Company has announced a new line of photo
and video equipment bags called the Contour 700 Series. Beseler
said that, with "an all weather storm tight top cover,"
and "quick release buttons", the new lightweight bag
provides complete protection for camcorders and accessories. The
bags also have padded front compartmentalized pockets for storing
accessory items, and are available in three colors, black, navy
blue, or hunter green.

Suggested retail prices: from $50 to $120

Cue The Fish

Announcing the introduction of its new VR-200 FishCam, Video Research has said that the new color video camera’s high-quality optics provide close-up, real-time images of underwater flora. The camera uses standard RCA jacks for the video output so it can be used with nearly any VCR or television. The fully waterproof FishCam includes an electronic iris control, automatic white balance, a 90 degree field of vision and a focus range from six-inches to infinity.

Suggested retail price: $815

Camcorder’s Rain Coat

A new rain slicker for the Sony DCR VX-1000 camcorder has been developed by Porta-Brace, a leading manufacture of camera and equipment carrying cases for professionals. Constructed of rugged Cordura (a canvas-like material) with a special water-resistant coating, the RS-1000 has a side bellows that provides easy hand access during operation. The camcorder’s rear displays and controls are visible through a clear vinyl window. The RS-1000 also allows for easily accessible battery and tape changes.

Suggested retail price: $160

A Wide View

Century Precision Optics has added two new wide angle and fisheye lens adapters to its line. The Digital Series .55X Reversible Wide Angle Adapter is a dual purpose accessory that provides a wide angle view when used one way and a fisheye view with pronounced barrel distortion when reversed. The other new adapter, the Digital Series .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter creates an extremely wide angle with a high degree of barrel distortion.

Suggested retail prices: Reversible Wide Angle Adapter $395 Ultra Fisheye Adapter $795

A Yamaha Mixer In Your PC

Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio Group, has announced a new personal computer based audio system, the DSP Factory, which provides complete digital mixing and recording. The new card installs into a personal computer and, running under Windows 95, offers the mixing power of the Yamaha 02R digital mixer plus 16 tracks of hard disk recording with up to 32-bit resolution.

Suggested retail price: under $1000

Spider Pod

Spider Support Systems has announced the introduction of its latest tripod riser, the Spider Pod version 2.0. The new riser elevates a tripod two-feet in height allowing the videographer achieve high angle perspectives and to shoot above crowds at meetings and events. The operator’s platform section is separate from the riser so the operator will not cause the camera to shake when moving on the platform. The pod only takes 30 seconds to setup and is made of lightweight aluminum.

Suggested retail price: $995

Clamp those lights

Bogen Photo Corp. has introduced a new lighting and grip tool, the Avenger Jaw Clamp. The clamp’s jaws open to 2 ½ inches wide enabling it to be attached to most common pipes and light stands. The Avenger has a self-storing wedge that makes it possible to clamp onto a flat surface, and is rated for loads up to 88 pounds. According to Bogen, the Avenger Jaw Clamp can be used for attaching just about anything to everything.

Suggested retail price: $50

Lights On The Go

Lowel-Light Manufacturing has announced the release of new light kits called the Go Kits. The new kits are smaller and more compact than previous Lowel light kits and are small enough to travel as carry-on luggage. To accomplish the size reduction Lowel has combined the new Go light cases with the newly designed Uni-stand light supports, which are taller yet have a wider base and smaller collapsed length than the older ViP stands.

Suggested retail prices: from $595 to $995

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