8mm Camcorder is Affordable Entry-Level Camera
Affordable Performance

Canon has announced the ES180, another addition to the company’s line of 8mm camcorders. An entry-level camcorder, the ES180 features 16x optical zoom, 32x digital zoom, digital special effects and wireless remote control. Although it offers most of the same features as the ES280, the lower priced ES180 lacks image stabilization. The camera’s 3.9-62.4mm lens offers a range equivalent to a 35mm still camera with a 36-577mm lens. Include the digital zoom and it’s equivalent to a 35mm still camera with a 1,154mm lens.
Suggested retail price: $499


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Ulead’s Cool 3D is a 3D text tool that simplifies 3D modeling. Users simply type in the text of their choice, select a True Type font, and move the mouse to rotate and spin the text in three dimensions. Cool 3D uses EasyPalette[TM] to visually organize hundreds of pre-set extrusions, bevels, lights sources, camera views, surface textures and animations. With Ulead’s Pick-and-Apply[TM] editing, users can drag-and-drop preset formats onto text. Presets can also be customized and added to the EasyPalette for future use.
Suggested retail price: $39.95

See Clearly Now

A new way to clean your camcorder lens is available from Parkside Optical. The LensPen MiniPro is a high-tech lens-cleaning tool designed specifically for cleaning small optical surfaces. The technology used in the LensPen MiniPro is environmentally friendly, uses no solvents, creates no waste, and is safe for all optical lenses and lens coatings. It is more effective in removing fingerprints and skin oils from lenses than cloth or tissue and is small enough to carry in your pocket.
Suggested retail price: $9.95

Dive … Dive …

Take your Sony DCR-SC100 camcorder onto the high seas with Light & Motion Industries’ new underwater housing. The Mako series housing is available in three different configurations and provides mechanical access to power, video/photo modes, record/standby, zoom, backlight, and focus lock controls. A flip-down color correction filter, underwater microphone, and zoom/macro housing optics are standard. Optional equipment includes advanced controls and halogen lights with battery packs featuring a burn time of 20-40 minutes.
Suggested retail price: $1099

Hollywood’s Here

If you’ve been looking for a 3D digital effects program for your Macintosh, then Hollywood FX 3.0 could have the features you need. The software provides true broadcast-quality 3D digital video effects for non-linear editors. Users can customize effects with the path editor, stop an object, rotate, stretch, and send it off in any direction. The software also gives control over object transparency, shadows, trails and more. Adobe After Effects and Premiere are supported, as well as Media 100 and Avid.
Suggested retail price: $499

Use Your Head

Now you can take your camcorder along on those dangerous stunts. Head-Cam has released two helmet-cam brackets for hands-free action videography with consumer camcorders. The brackets, invented by a professional Hollywood stuntman and former motorcycle racer, are made of billet aluminum and attach to any smooth helmet through suction cups. The camera is attached to the mount through the camera’s tripod receptacle. A stability strap is included with each bracket. The two models available are a top-mounted unit, HC-100N and a side-mounted unit, HC-100S, for situations where there is little headroom.
Suggested retail price: $49.95 (HC-100N pictured) and $69.95 (HC-100S)

Lightweight DV

Panasonic Broadcast and Digital Systems has announced its latest DV camcorder: the AG-EZ30U. The three-chip camcorder weighs under one-and-a-half pounds and includes a FireWire interface. The 1/3-inch, 270,000-pixel CCDs produce 460 lines of resolution, a signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB, and offer a minimum illumination of 2 lux. The camcorder is equipped with 12x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom and 120x super digital zoom. The AG-EZ30U includes a 2.5-inch, 180,000-pixel color LCD monitor and offers manual control of focus, shutter speeds, gain and iris.
Suggested retail price: $3,995

Backgrounds on the Move

Westcott expands its lineup of portable backgrounds with the Masterpiece Collapsible Two-In-One Illuminator[R] Backgrounds. Each of the six varieties consists of two 5-by-6-foot backgrounds, a low-key and a high-key color (one on each side), on a flexible steel frame. The backgrounds are made from muslin and colored with latex-based dyes, will collapse to a third of their full size, and will fit in a bag about 30 inches in diameter.
Suggested retail price: $229.90 each

Mix It Up

Studiomaster has introduced a rackmountable, eight channel audio mixer, the Club DSP. Incorporating the same design and features as Studiomaster’s Club 2000 series, the Club DSP adds a 79-event memory and a 16-bit digital effects processor. The new mixer also offers three-band EQ (equalization) with mid sweep on the main channels, two-band EQ on channels seven and eight, two auxiliary sends per channel, PFL (pre-fader level) listen for each channel, a stereo record playback bus, and 48-volt phantom power.
Suggested retail price: $695

Running Video

Elite Video has introduced a new product to the marketplace: the Long Distance Runner. Using a small sender and a receiver device, it allows users to send regular composite video or S-video up to 1200 feet using regular two-conductor wire or speaker wire. The system will deliver 500 lines of resolution at 400 feet or less and 400 lines of resolution at lengths from 400-1200 feet. The receiver has both composite and S-video outputs that work simultaneously regardless of which input was used.
Suggested retail price: $599

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