Tiberon Makes Underwater Video like a Day at the Beach
Swimming with the Shark

With Quest’s Tiberon underwater video
housing, virtually any consumer camcorder (Sony, Canon, Hitachi, and more)
becomes a sea-faring video system. Depth-rated to 500 feet, the Tiberon
(a.k.a., the Shark) is constructed of high grade molded polyurethane with
a high gloss finish to resist scratching and water condensation commonly
found in aluminum housings. Standard features include full electronic controls,
dual ergonomic handles, wide angle and flat port lenses, color correction
filter, Universal Mounting Tray[TM] and on-board BCD (buoyancy compensator

(800) 676-4662

Suggested retail price: $1199


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Video Capture for Portables

The MD-1000 Video Producer from Datavideo Technologies is a full-motion
video and audio capture card for laptop computers. The Type II PCMCIA card
for Windows 3.x and 95 captures up to 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per
second and is compatible with both NTSC and PAL systems. It’s compatible
with the Zoomed Video standard and becomes a linear or nonlinear editor
when used with software such as Adobe Premiere or Asymetrix Digital Video

(562) 696-2324

Suggested retail price: $349

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Bigger, Faster and Smarter

Capable of storing over 47GB of information, Seagate’s Elite 47 is the
highest-capacity disc drive available. It reads and writes at speeds of
up to 184Mbits/second. The 5400-rpm drive utilizes Ultra SCSI interface
technology and has an 800,000-hour mean time between failure (MTBF) rating.
The Elite 47 provides economically-priced storage for large central storage
applications, professional video and traditional near-line storage applications.

(408) 439-2859

Suggested retail price: $2995

Camera Meets Camcorder

Panasonic combines the benefits of the Palmcorder and the digital camera
in the new Palmcorder "Photoshot" models. Both the PV-L858 and
PV-L958 models can produce 640×480 pixel images which can be viewed directly
on a television, or can be saved and printed with a PC and Adobe(R) PhotoDeluxe(R)
software. Both models offer Panasonic’s 23x High Definition Zoom Lens (the
highest optical zoom ratio of any consumer camcorder), a full-size Dedicated
Five-Head system, LCD monitor, electronic viewfinder, a built-in light,
Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (DEIS), and special effects such
as color fade, wipe, color filter and negative/positive transpose.

(800) 211-PANA

Suggested retail price: PV-L858: $999.95; PV-L958: $1099.95

Get the Picture

This innovative, full-size, VHS camcorder offers a 3-inch color view
screen permitting viewer access to a complete scene during recording. Promoted
for home recordings, the RCA CC4371 includes a 32:1 Zoom Plus system, Steady
Pix[TM] electronic image stabilization, built-in shoulder rest for added
stability, Digital Effects for creating in-camera special effects, flying
erase head for glitch-free in-camera editing, built-in light, and a built-in
speaker for audio reproduction.

(317) 587-4450

Suggested retail price: $699

The Best of Both OS Worlds

MetaCreations adds cross-platform capabilities to its latest set of
video special effects software for both Windows 95/NT and Power Macintosh
users. With Final Effects Complete, you can create 2D and 3D particle animations
to generate rain, snow, fire, smoke, ball action, explosions, distortions,
jet trails, hair, liquid mercury distortions, spotlights, color transitions
and other stylish video effects.

(800) 846-0111

Suggested retail price: Complete: $1195; Upgrades: $195-$495

Lean, Mean CD Machine

Vitec Multimedia’s MPEG-Cut Machine(R) is a low-cost encoding solution
for DVD and video CD players. It represents a single-board integrated solution
combining MPEG real time encoding, frame accurate editing and authoring
software for producing Video CD 2.0 and CD-ROM directly from videotape or
laser disc. Typical applications include turnkey production of interactive
Video 2.0 CDs for corporate training and sales presentations, home videotape
conversion to CD-ROM, Internet transmission of video material and video
library indexing.

(408) 752-8453

Suggested retail price: $1285

The Power of Touch

The VL-PD1U from Sharp Electronics’ new SLIMCAM[TM] line is the first
digital camcorder to utilize touch-screen operation. With no need to hunt
for tiny buttons or take your eyes from the view screen, a touch of the
fingertip directly on the 4-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen operates
basic camcorder functions such as play/record, zoom, focus and lighting
changes. Measuring 2.27 inches thick and weighing less than 1 1/2 pounds,
the VL-PD1U fits into a briefcase or bag for maximum portability.

(800) BE-SHARP

Suggested retail price: $2999.95

Straight to Your Screen

Marshall Electronics’ new V-VGA300 makes it possible to view composite
video signals directly from a video camera or VCR on a computer monitor.
The external box can operate with or without a computer allowing users to
view a full-motion video on a VGA monitor without adding boards or software
to a computer. The V-VGA300 is a solution for broadcasting, security monitoring,
science and industrial monitoring, and is equally useful in the home as
a door or baby monitor.

(800) 800-6608

Suggested retail price: $199

Pro Innovations

Owners of metal-body wired microphones with XLR connectors now can convert
them into wireless mikes by plugging them into Azden’s WX/T-PRO transmitter.
The unit is single-channel and is available on 169.445MHz or 170.245MHz.
Azden is also adding two frequencies to its Pro-series receivers: 171.105MHz
and 171.805MHz. The additional frequencies mean that you can now use four
wireless mikes at one time. They are available at no extra charge when ordered
at the time of purchase of a Pro-series microphone.

(516) 328-7500

Suggested retail price: WX/T-PRO: $200

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