Media Commander 200 Jog and Shuttle Transport Controller

Take Command

If you’re looking for the latest in transport
control technology, the Media Commander 200 Jog/Shuttle Transport Controller
by FutureVideo could be what you’re looking for. Whether you need VTR control
from a remote location, control for logging and batch capture in a non-linear
editing system, or smooth jog and shuttle control for an existing deck,
Media Commander 200 offers a wide-range of multimedia, broadcast and post-production
uses. A built-in RS-232C port and plug-in software package for Adobe Premiere
4.2 for Windows are also included. (714) 770-4416
Suggested retail price: $695

Super Duper Earphones

The ER-4 series Canal Phone Earphones from Etymotic Research are in-the-ear,
high-fidelity transducers developed specifically to combine flat frequency
response with isolation from external noise. With 20-25dB of external-noise
exclusion, the ER-4 series Canal Phone Earphones allow the listener to hear
the full dynamic range of digital recordings. (847) 228-0006.
Suggested retail price: $330

Two New TView Encoders


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Focus Enhancements has recently released two new external encoders for outputting computer graphics to a TV. monitor, or VCR. The TView Gold offers users support for non-interlaced resolution of 1025×768, allowing users to precisely fit any image to any TV screen, incuding the new 16×9 letter-box formats, without dropping lines of data or altering video relsolution. The TView Silver is a low-cost option offering 800×600 resolution and proprietary TrueScale(TM) image compression technology.
(978) 371-2000
Suggested retail price: TView Silver, $249; TView Gold, $399.

Combo Platter

Consumers can enjoy an all-in-one PC communication, photo and video
editing package with Intel’s Create & Share Camera Pack. The system
includes an Intel PC camera, hardware and a variety of communications and
image-editing software that allows users to make, enhance and organize snapshots
and videos that can be passed along to others in print, on screen and on
the Web. The pack also includes the Intel Video Phone. (408) 765-8080.
Suggested retail prices: $199-$399, depending on version.

Panasonic 3D

Are you searching for a VCR that offers 3D sound? The PV-7661 VCR from
Panasonic could have the features you’re looking for. Front-mounted A/V
terminals make it easy to hook up a camcorder for quick edits, while the
presence of LED audio meters keeps your sound levels on track. To go along
with these simple editing features, the deck’s internal Spatializer Audio
Processing delivers three-dimensional sound from the speakers of any stereo
TV or home theater setup. (201) 348-9090.
Suggested retail price: $300

It’s Mini

The new MD-301 MiniDisc Recorder/Reproducer is Tascam’s latest introduction.
Among its features are RCA unbalanced analog inputs and outputs, an on-board
sample rate converter, and for digital input capability, S/PDIF and optical
TOS connectors. The MD-301 offers extensive editing functions that videographers
might find handy for composing soundtracks. Users can edit their programs
using the MD-301’s Divide, Erase, Combine, Track and Disc Title functions,
or use the Timer Record/Play function for unattended operation. (213) 726-0303
Suggested retail price: $899

Looks Like Film

Video producers who need to match video footage with film footage will
appreciate CineLook Broadcast for Adobe After Effects. Created by DigiEffects,
the CineLook Broadcast plug-in can blend together up to four previous frames,
and allows 3D animation to be matched to film stocks. Users can choose to
use the standard After Effects plug-in interface, or a customized interface
similar to a traditional TeleCine device (used to process video into film).
Resolution is limited to 1000×1000 pixels. (415) 841-9901.
Suggested retail price: $695

Forging Ahead

Sound Forge XP 4.0 joins Sonic Foundry, Inc.’s lineup of audio software.
Multimedia and Internet users will find the program specifically tailored
for their needs, and is a streamlined version of the company’s pro audio
editor, Sound Forge. Sound Forge XP can be used to add audio to a Web site
or synchronize audio to AVI (Video for Windows) digital video. Home users
will find Sound Forge useful for adding professional-quality audio to old
home movies; an application is also included for sending voice e-mail messages.
The XP can record, edit and process mono or stereo audio files, and delivers
over 25 digital audio effects. (608) 256-3133
Suggested retail price: $149

Make Your Point

Now you can make your mark like the pros do with Boeckeler Instrument’s
Pointmaker PVI-64, a video marker (designed specifically for broadcast use)
that lets you draw on your video images and point out important details.
The Pointmaker PVI-64 also features key signal output, timing adjustments,
playback options and video pass-through. Users have a choice of 12 different
positionable pointers and three line thicknesses for drawings. Drawing and
pointing are accomplished with a digitizing tablet, which comes standard
with any PVI-64 order. (800) 552-2262.
Suggested retail price: $3995

Lone Light

The Whitedome FV by Photoflex Inc. is a translucent, omni-directional
softbox for hot-lights or strobes. The box produces a bright, diffuse light
useful for full-room sets and other large subjects. The Whitedome FV, the
latest addition to Photoflex’s softbox line, is available in three sizes:
small (16" by 22"), medium (24" by 32"), and large (36"
by 48"). (800) 486-2674.
Suggested retail price: $130, $180, $230

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