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Magix Entertainment Corporation’s Music Maker 3.0 software allows digital
composers to choose from over 1200 digital samples to create their own musical
artworks. With a drag-and-drop interface, the Music Maker’s 16-track arranger
window reduces the process of composition to a simple cut-and-paste procedure.
As an added bonus for digital videographers, Music Maker gives you a way
to easily replace the soundtrack of any .avi file. (310) 656-0644.

Suggested retail price: $50


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Hitachi Hi8

Hitachi’s VM-H835LA Hi8 camcorder features a 3-inch color LCD monitor, five
digital effects, electronic image stabilization and a 16:1 optical zoom
lens with up to 130:1 digital enhancement. A built-in monaural speaker lets
you hear what you’ve recorded as you watch on the LCD monitor; other features
include a stereo built-in microphone and four kinds of fade (white, black,
wipe and zoom). (770) 279-5600.

Suggested retail price: $999

What’s the Buz?

Iomega’s Buz is a low-cost video digitizer that allows video hobbyists to
digitize 640×480, 30-frame-per-second, 24-bit video and edit it using MGI’s
VideoWave SE Plus nonlinear editing software (included). To make connections
easier, Buz incorporates a separate breakout box (called the "Buz box")
with S-video, composite video and stereo audio connections. (888) 88-IOMEGA.

Suggested retail price: $199

Panasonic Broadcast’s Latest Mini DV

The new ultra-compact AG-EZ20 Mini DV camcorder from Panasonic Broadcast
and Digital Systems Company features a four-pin IEEE 1394 FireWire interface,
a 3.8-inch color LCD viewfinder, five program AE modes and 16-bit, 48kHz
PCM audio. If it looks kinda’ familiar, that’s because it’s nearly identical
to the PV-DV710, marketed by Panasonic’s consumer video division. (800)

Suggested retail price: $2895

Plug-in Effects, Hollywood Style

Hollywood FX version 3.5 is designed to help nonlinear videographers develop
their own 3D effects within many of the most popular nonlinear software
interfaces. A powerful new path editor allows you to determine your own
motion paths, and multi-processor support enables blazing new speeds and
optimized rendering. (801) 281-0237.

Suggested retail price: $800

DV Technology

Canon makes a big splash in the prosumer camcorder marketplace with the
3-chip XL1–the world’s first DV camcorder to incorporate Canon’s exclusive
Interchangeable XL Lens Mount System and advanced SuperRange image stabilizer.
The XL Lens Mount System, which is compatible with Canon’s XL video lenses
and EOS 35mm lenses, offers imaging perspectives ranging from extra wide
to super telephoto. The XL1 offers three distinct recording modes: Frame
Movie mode, Normal Movie mode and Digital Photo mode, as well as three digital
audio modes. An IEEE 1394 FireWire digital connector and a wide range of
exposure controls and manual functions are also part of the package. With
a fighting weight of about 6 lb. 5 ozs, the XL1 comes with plenty of extras,
including a 16x zoom lens, lithium-ion battery pack and optional XLR microphone
inputs. (800) 828 4040.

Suggested retail price: $4699

Super Duper Earphones

The ER-4 series Canal Phone Earphones from Etymotic Research are in-the-ear,
high-fidelity transducers developed specifically to combine flat frequency
response with isolation from external noise. With 20-25dB of external-noise
exclusion, the ER-4 series Canal Phone Earphones allow the listener to hear
the full dynamic range of digital recordings. (847) 228-0006.

Suggested retail price: $330

New and Improved Soft Boxes

Photoflex Inc., a leading manufacturer of lighting products for film, video
and photography, has announced two improvements to its popular line of soft
boxes: the Quick-Release Corner and Bullet-Tipped steel support rods. The
Quick-Release Corner design makes tear-down much easier with a simple Velcro
tab, while the Bullet-Tipped steel support rods prevent the possibility
of the rods poking through corners of the fabric. (800) 486-2674.

Suggested retail price: $50-$510

Workin’ It

Parnassus Software’s Script Werx is a major upgrade and name change for
Scriptwriting Tools, a series of standard scriptwriting templates which
has been sold by Morley and Associates since 1992. With a total of twelve
templates that you can immediately incorporate into your copy of Microsoft
Word 6.0 or above, Script Werx includes a number of macro shortcuts designed
to have a script generate its own storyboard, shot list, scene list or teleprompter
text. (818) 952-5210.

Suggested retail price: $99

A Fresh Search

Fresh Music, a buyout production audio library with over 45 CDs, offers
SearchTrack, a free search engine on CD-ROM that cross-references audio
tracks in the entire Fresh Music library. Search operators include keywords
for emotion, style and use to pin-point the exact track you need for your
production. Once you’ve made your selections, you can print the worklist
you’ve created and go shopping for music. (800) 643-3438.

Suggested retail price: Search CD-ROM, Free; Individual Disks, $59

A Case for Tiny Camcorders

Today’s itty-bitty stealth cameras–such as the Sony DCR-PC7, the Panasonic
PV-DV700 and the JVC GR-DVM1–are so small that they’d get lost in many
larger camera bags. One solution is Case Logic’s CB series of small camera
bags, which combine a sturdy design with convenient features and attractive
styling. Models range from the basic CB-1 to the full-featured CB-3, which
adds a rain hood for all-weather protection and a pleated, expandable case
for accessories. (800) 925-8111.

Suggested retail price: $6-$13

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