Rapid Advancement

REC Industries introduces a kayak- and canoe-mountable video housing called the RiverCam. Designed to be mounted to kayaks and canoes with standard tie-downs, RiverCams housing accepts most small Hi8, 8mm and VHS-C camcorders. Control options include a universal mechanical control for record start/stop, electronic controls for record start/stop, zoom wide/telephoto, and power on/off (for Sony and clones only). You can also use the camcorders wireless remote control, or you can use the unit without controls for basic, yet effective, on-river videotaping. All RiverCam housings feature an expedition-grade, half-inch-thick shell, two heavy-duty tie-down points, security locks, front and rear flat ports with guards, and a users manual. (800) 290-0492.


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Suggested retail price: Basic unit without controls, $309; with mechanical record controls, $369; with full electronic controls, $539


ViewSonic introduces a new VGA monitor targeted for graphic design, desktop publishing and pre-press professionals who demand a high-performance monitor. The ViewSonic PT775 monitor features a 17-inch SonicTron screen, delivering high resolutions and fast refresh rates. Compatible with both PC and MAC systems, the PT775s SonicTron technology offers a vertically flat screen and ultra-fine 0.25mm aperture-grille pitch, creating high-contrast images. ViewSonics OnView controls enable the user to make all screen adjustments via an on-screen menu with up to 21 different control functions. (800) 888-8583.

Suggested retail price: $999

Canon Cam

If you dont need all of the bells and whistles of the new ES970, Canon offers the ES270, the companys newest entry-level camcorder. The ES270 offers high quality and value with excellent features for a camcorder in this price range. Features include a 16x optical zoom, FlexiZone autofocus/autoexposure, digital special effects and a sleek, new, two-toned body design. The ES270 also offers a film and slide image-transfer system, allowing consumers to transfer 35mm slides and negatives to video, several pre-set titler functions, programmed auto-exposure modes, and a high-resolution viewfinder (113,000 pixels). (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $599

Light it Right

Westcott, a manufacturer of light-control equipment and accessories for the video, photography, film and broadcast fields, introduces a new fabric grid accessory for the Westcott Box line. This new collapsible grid provides 40 degrees of concentrated, hard-edged light when used with the Westcott Box. The grid is easy to use and extremely portable. Made of lightweight fabric, it attaches to the Westcott Box with Velcro strips along all four sides. The fabric grid is available for Westcott Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3 light boxes. (419) 243-7311.

Suggested retail price: sized for Box 1, $140; Box 2, $190; Box 3, $310

More for Less

Now able to deliver more features for less money, Knox Video proudly announces its newly designed stand-alone character generators. The professional specs that you can expect from Knox Video have not changed, and the very popular and easy-to-use operation guides are still on the covers. The K20.ND now comes standard with Y/C and composite video connectors, as well as an expanded 64-page non-volatile memory. The K40.ND also features Y/C and composite video connectors, 64-page memory, serial interface, and a four-font upgrade. The Studio40.ND includes A/B video source switching, audio-follow-video, built-in fader, and downstream keyer. Each Knox Video character generator has an internal power supply and separate keyboard. (301) 840-5805.

Suggested retail price: K20.ND, $1595; K40.ND, $2695; Studio40.ND, $3295

Video Output

Whats a digital still camera doing in the pages of Videomaker? Well, the Sony DSC-F1, like many of its brethren in the current crop of digital still cameras, has a little yellow composite video output on it, just like the one youd find on almost any camcorder. This means that not only can you hook it up to your TV to view the still images; you can connect it to the input on a VCR, videoconferencing application, switcher, video digitizer, etc., just as you would with any camcorder. Images captured are 640×480 resolution with 24-bit color; video quality is not quite as good as a camcorder, but good enough for many multimedia applications. (800) 222-SONY.

Suggested retail price: $850

Casablanca Upgrades

The latest version of DraCo Systems Casablanca, the Casablanca Broadcast, is a stand-alone turnkey nonlinear editor that incorporates several key features that professionals look for in an editing system. Included are component video inputs and outputs, balanced audio connectors, a CD-ROM drive with Animation Import capability, and a timecode/EDL/batch digitization option.

Also upgraded on the new lower-end versions of the Casablanca are composite video input capability and a new Firewire IEEE 1394 input/output upgrade. All of the new upgrades to the Casablanca line are due to ship in late 1997. (303) 440-5311.

Suggested retail price: $4000+

Eight New 8’s

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. continues to upgrade its extensive line of Hi8 and 8mm camcorders by adding eight new models in 1997, including the SCA18 8mm camcorder. Samsungs new camcorders are packed with high-end features such as digital zoom (64x on the SCA18) and an electronic image stabilizer. Their five-position digital-effects dial allows the user to select one of several effects to personalize your videos. (201) 229-4000.

Suggested retail price: SCA18, $899

Larger Than Life

Panasonic Broadcast & Digital Systems Company (PBDSC) presents new versions of two LCD projectors, the PT-L291U and the PT-L391U. The projectors have significant improvements over prior models, including 50% brighter pictures, more flexible installation and reduced prices. Both projectors incorporate an innovative LCD technology called PD-squared large-aperture polysilicon, which offers greater brightness output than projectors using non-polysilicon panels. Both have 640×480 resolution, can reproduce images between 20 and 300 inches diagonally, are NTSC and PAL compatible and come with Panasonics "wireless pointer." To top it off, Panasonic is including Macromedias Director 5 with the purchase of one of these new projectors. (800) 524-0864.

Suggested retail price: PT-L291U, $6995; PT-L391U, $8495

Memorex Enters Hardware Market

Introducing its new Writesit CD Recorder, Memorex marks its aggressive entry into the PC marketplace. Writesit gives multimedia videographers a way to write their own CD-ROMs, and provides a handy backup medium for hard drives as well. The Writesit comes bundled with NTI CD-Maker and CD-Copy Tools Pro software, an Adaptec SCSI-II card and cable, two Memorex CD-Recordable disks and an accessory box. With low power consumption and resultant low heat emission, the Writesit has no need for an internal exhaust fan. This allows for a more compact design thats quieter in operation than many other CD-R drives. (310) 906-2800.

Suggested retail price: $499

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