Time to Edit

Sony Electronics introduces a new Hi8 VCR, the EV-S5000. The unit offers advanced editing features including a LANC (Control-L) interface, RC Time Code and jog/shuttle control. The EV-S5000 allows users to mark up to eight edit points with an 8-segment assemble edit feature. The deck also offers hi-fi stereo sound and a 181-channel cable-compatible tuner with VCR Plus programming capabilities. (800) 342-5721.

Suggested retail price: $1399

Dueling Decks

Go Video’s new editing system, the GV-8050 8mm/VHS dual-deck VCR, offers desktop video production at an affordable price. The PC-compatible GV-8050 comes bundled with Dual-deck Director video editing software and an external edit controller. The GV-8050 allows users the ability to edit and copy 8mm movies onto VHS tapes while adding graphics, titles, sound and animation. (602) 922-0896.

Suggested retail price: $1099

Lights Up

New from the Charles Beseler Company is the Lilliput Utility Light for video and still photography. The Lilliput offers sturdy fiberglass grips with four spring-loaded joints; these allow the light to be clamped or positioned almost anywhere. The unit measures 4.5 inches in diameter and weighs only 2 pounds, 10 ounces. The Lilliput also offers 600 watts of light with a polished anodized aluminum reflector in an aluminum housing. (800) 237-3537.

Suggested retail price: $217


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Fully Panasonic

Panasonic’s latest full-size VHS camcorder, the AG-188U, offers a two-speed 14X power zoom lens with macro capability, high-speed shutter up to 1/10,000 of a second and high-resolution 1/3-inch CCD image sensor with 270,000 pixels. In addition, the AG-188U offers flying erase heads, audio/video fades, and an Easy Edit feature. (201) 348-9090.

Suggested retail price: $760

Video Station

Here’s a console large enough to support a full editing suite. Anthro Corporation’s new Anthro Console adjusts from sit-down to stand-up height. The Console comes with two shelves that position anywhere on the frame of the cart. The unit offers an adjustable keyboard and worksurface, and it is available in four color combinations. The Anthro Console also features 4-inch soft rubber twin-wheel castors; frame construction is of 16-gauge steel with powder coat finish. (800) 325-3841.

Suggested retail price: $899

Power Pack

NRG Research offers a solution to videomakers who need power for multiple pieces of equipment. The Power-Can is a self-contained, portable power system that combines a rapid charger, an ultra high-capacity UPS-style battery and a computer-controlled status monitoring system into one unit. The Power-Can offers 12-volt DC outputs which supply power for up to four pieces of equipment. For added durability, the Power-Can has a rugged aluminum case. (541) 479-9433.

Suggested retail prices: 18 amp $479; 28 amp $589; 40 amp $829

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