A Tape for All Seasons

Sony unveils their new HMPX tapes, the latest in their lineup of Hi8 products. Sony designed the HMPX line with
the pro in mind, giving them high coercivity and retentivity performance and a strong backcoating to withstand the
rigors of multiple passes. The HMPX tapes also come equipped with a sturdy plastic album case. They are available
in 30, 60 and 120 minute lengths. (201) 930-4810.

Suggested Retail Prices: 30 min $5.50; 60 min $8.50; 120 min $10.50


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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A Very Versatile Controller

Panazoom’s 455 E controller offers a wide range of features for those who want to control their Panasonic AG-455
camcorder from a distance. Digital effects, pause/record, variable zoom speed, and focus are just a few of the
controls offered on this versatile unit. In fact, you can use this controller to operate every function on the AG-455,
which makes it great for boom shots and other shots that place the camera out of reach.

Suggested Retail Price: $399

A Portable Jib

If you need a jib arm but don’t need more heavy gear to lug around, the Trovato Tote Jib may be the product for
you. Though it’s small and easy to carry, the Tote Jib offers the rugged design and smooth movement of larger jibs
at a fraction of the bulk (and price). Trovato offers a wide range of options for the tote jib, including custom
mounting plates, an offset plate to raise or lower the camera head on the jib and a custom "Tote" bag. (716) 244-3310.

Suggested Retail Price: $995

Scrims in Many Sizes

Westcott now makes and markets the Scrim Jim line of diffusion and reflector panels. The Scrim Jim, which
consists of an aluminum frame and a variety of fabrics for diffusing and reflecting light, can easily change from 42"
x 42" to 72" x 72" in size. Options include a pivoting floor stand, a carrying bag and an extra-large 98" x 98" frame.
(419) 243-7311.

Suggested Retail Price: $300 to $547

World’s Smallest CCD Camera

Edmund Scientific Co. now offers a 1/3" black and white CCD camera, which can capture images from a few inches
to 15 feet away. The unit employs a 3.7mm pinhole lens, giving a 45 by 60 degree field of view and 380 lines of
horizontal resolution. Though aimed at the security and robotics markets, this tiny camera should lend itself to many
creative uses. (609) 573-6259.

Suggested Retail Price: $195

Underwater CCD-TR700

Quest International offers the Pro-Shot, a new underwater housing for Sony’s CCD-TR700. The unit’s sleek
polyurethane housing holds a 3x viewfinder expander, a 110-degree super wide-angle lens and an underwater
microphone. Options include a 3-hour battery, a 3" color monitor and a pair of underwater lights. Though designed
for the CCD-TR700, the Pro-Shot also accepts most other TR-series camcorders.

Suggested Retail Price: $1295

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