Four New TUNDRA Bags
Expanding their popular Tundra Targa line of camcorder gear, Satter, Inc. announces six new "Auto Focus" bags. Made of 600 denier polyester fabric, these bags can safely store all manner of videomaking gear, from lens filters to battery chargers. Available in black, navy and forest green. (303) 831-7481.
Suggested Retail Price: $13-$20

Standards Conversion for Serious Videomakers
For those who want to convert the world’s many video standards, Feral offers the Advantage, a high-end universal standards converter with full-frame TBC/synchronizer. The Advantage converts NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals and offers multiple composite and S-VHS video inputs and outputs. Other features include eight-level line interpolation, comb filter and switchable image enhancement. (800) 331-2019.
Suggested Retail Price: $3,495

Point-and-click Channel Surfing
Samsung’s model VR8905 is the world’s first VCR equipped with the StarSight interactive on-screen TV program guide. With this technology, TV viewers can browse through a graphical display of local programs and times. When a desired program is found, viewers simply highlight the button of their choice to either receive a brief description of the program (including title, plot summary, length and critics’ rating), switch to that channel or program the VCR
to record the selection. StarSight allows viewers to pre-program up to 25 selections in this way, and will record a daily or weekly series with the push of a button. The unit also includes a jog/shuttle and hi-fi stereo audio. (201) 229-4000.
Suggested Retail Price: $549

Worldwide Power Supply
NRG Research, Inc. has a new device for camcorder owners who like to travel to distant lands: the PowerStation-II Compact power supply. Similar in design to their popular PowerStation II, the unit delivers a precisely regulated 12V DC current at draws of up to 50 watts. Operating from any AC power source in the world, the PowerStation-II Compact will automatically compensate for voltages ranging from 85 to 264V AC. What’s more, it measures only 3.25 x 6.5 x 2.25 inches, so it’ll fit easily into your carry-on airline luggage. (503) 471-6256.
Suggested Retail Price: $280

Diver Down
Underwater videomakers have had problems finding housings for smaller palmcorders–until now, that is. Triton Marine Video’s Universal Underwater Video Housing accepts all palmcorders under 10 inches long, including Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon, RCA and GE. The basic housing includes flat viewports, dual handles, adjustable ballast system and a universal mounting tray. (214) 272-6679.
Suggested Retail Price: $395

Sony’s Latest "Vision"
Sony’s new Handycam Vision(tm) lineup allows videomakers to instantly play back their videos on a built-in color LCD display. The top-of-the-line Hi8 model (CCD-TRV70) includes electronic image stabilization, 4-inch color LCD screen and hi-fi stereo playback. The 8mm models (CCD-TRV30 and CCD-TRV40) include a 3-inch color LCD and mono speaker for audio playback. (800) 635-7669.
Suggested Retail Prices: CCD-TRV30 $1,099;
CCD-TRV40 $1,299; CCD-TRV70 $1,899

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