Panasonic’s Newest Palmcorder

The latest in Panasonic’s popular VHS-C camcorder lineup is the PV-D705 XL, a four-head model with
electronic image stabilization, color viewfinder and built-in color enhancement light. Other features
include a 470,000-pixel CCD, Dynamorphous metal heads and a pre-set clock and calendar. (201) 348-
Suggested retail price: $1,299

Low-cost TBC Breakthrough

With Hotronic’s new low-priced AR31 TBC/frame synchronizer, consumers now have access to editing
and duplication technology once reserved for the pros. The AR31 includes proc amp controls, genlock, an
adaptive digital comb filter and other high-end features. With its 500 lines of resolution and Y/C inputs, it’s
sure to turn some heads in the consumer and prosumer markets. (408) 378-3883.
Suggested retail price: $500
Optional remote: $100


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Camcorder Batteries with a Twist

Maxell has announced its new Camcorder Plus battery line, a group of products that offer several features
not commonly found on camcorder batteries. The Fuel Gauge battery, for example, includes a built-in LED
indicator to tell the user how much power the battery has remaining, and the Self-Charging battery has a
built-in plug to allow convenient charging anywhere there’s an outlet. (201) 794-5900.
Suggested retail price: Fuel Gauge, $59;
Self-Charging, $69; Combination Pack, $99

A Tape for Every Need

Scotch’s Select Series of videotapes makes it easier to choose the right tape for the right videomaking
application. There are four different types of videocassette in the series: Retaping, Collections, Archive and
Just For Kids. Each tape includes features appropriate for the category; for example, the Just For Kids tape
is built to withstand all the abuse youngsters can dish out, and includes fun stickers and coloring surfaces
so kids can personalize their videos. (800) 626-5639.
Suggested retail price: Archive, $6; Collections, $4.50-$6; Retaping Tape, $4.50; Just for Kids,

Portable Blue Screen

For videomakers who need a portable blue screen for image compositing effects, Westcott provides
Ultimatte backgrounds. These nylon blue screens are available in the collapsible Illuminator frame
(measuring 6 x 7 feet), or in fabric lengths of 5 or 10 yards by 65 inches wide. Since cameras will not
recognize the blue color of the Ultimatte, you can also use it to hide unwanted production elements on the
set. (419) 243-7311.
Suggested retail price: Illuminator frame, $240;
5-yard length, $75; 10-yard length, $150

StarSight Comes to Sony

The innovative new StarSight electronic program guide will soon be available on Sony’s SLV-980HF hi-fi
VCR. The StarSight guide gives viewers a seven-day on-screen program guide at the touch of a button, and
allows them to record programs by simply highlighting the desired show and hitting the record button.
(201) 930-4810.
Suggested retail price: Available Fall ’95.

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