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Panasonic PV-DV1000
Hiitachi VM-E510A
Panasonic AG-1300VHS VCR
AKG C577

DVC Arrives
In October, Panasonic will release the first DVC (Digital Video Cassette) camcorder into the US market-- the PV-DV1000. The PV-DV1000 marks a turning point in the development of consumer camcorders by offering true broadcast quality in a small, relatively inexpensive package. Unit boasts over 500 lines of resolution for playback quality superior to digital Betacam; other features include CD-quality audio, 3 CCDs, hi-res color viewfinder, EIS and manual control of iris, white balance and shutter speed. Keep your eye on DVC--it's the wave of the future. (201) 348-9090.
Suggested retail price: TBA

Keep Your Eyes Open
Canon newest Hi8 camcorder--the ES5000--boasts a revolutionary Eye Control system that actually detects and follows the movement of the user's eye. With this system, users can position a priority focus zone, activate almost all camcorder functions, even trigger 11 different digital effects with a simple eye movement. Optical image stabilization employs a Vari-angle Prism to keep recorded shots steady. In addition to Canon's powerful 20x optical zoom, the ES5000 incorporates a built-in digital zoom that increases zoom range to 40X. (800) 828-4040.
Suggested retail price: $2300

Two-hour VHS-C Tapes from TDK
To satisfy the consumer demand for longer recording times, TDK has introduced their TC-40 VHS-C and S-VHS-C videotapes. These tapes, which include a unique Three Dimensional Compound (TDC) binder, will play for two full hours in extended play mode. To increase durability, the TC-40s include TDK's Super Smooth backcoating. (516) 625-0100.
Suggested retail price: E-HG TC-40, $12;
XP Super Pro ST-C40 (S-VHS-C), $20

New VHS VCR from Panasonic Broadcast &amp TV
Panasonic's new AG-1300 VHS VCR is a rugged industrial unit designed for education, business and kiosk applications. Features include a large, multi-function real-time counter, quasi S-VHS playback, 181- channel tuning, digital auto tracking, 27x search speed and one-touch recording. (201) 348-7013.
Suggested retail price: $310

AKG's New Low-profile Condenser Mike
With an on-camera profile lower than that of a pencil eraser, the new AKG C577 is the world's smallest dual-diaphragm condenser mike. With a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, phantom power and XLR connector, the C577 is a professional unit that will be difficult to spot even on today's high-resolution TVs. (510) 351-3500.
Suggested retail price: $359

Alkaline-powered 8mm from Hitachi
Hitachi's new top-of-the-line VM-E510A 8mm camcorder includes plenty of useful features for the serious amateur videomaker. Features include a color viewfinder, electronic image stabilization, hot shoe and 24:1 digital zoom. As an added bonus, the VM-E510A will operate on ordinary alkaline batteries, so there's no more worrying about running out of juice when you're on the road. (404) 279-5600.
Suggested retail price: $899


Sun, 10/01/1995 - 12:00am