The Bigger Picture
JVC’s new GR-SV7 is an SVHS camcorder offering hi-fi stereo sound and a 100x digital zoom. The GR-
SV7’s LCD monitor incorporates a number of new features. A new multi-angle 4″ color LCD Swing
Monitor can be clearly viewed at angles of up to 80 degrees vertically, and 100 degrees laterally. The
112,000-pixel monitor can be flipped back for high angle shots, low angle shots, and interface shooting
which allows you to shoot scenes through the viewfinder while subjects watch themselves in the monitor.
(800) 252-5722
Suggested retail price: $2099

Custom Camera

Hitachi new VMH100LA is a Hi8, hi-fi stereo camcorder that boasts a 4-inch LCD screen and
dockable waterproof camera that separates from the transport/recorder unit. For remote camera operations,
a 15-foot extension cable and boom are provided. The Hitachi offers a 12x optical zoom with up to 24x
digital zoom, as well as 1.5x Instant Zoom and electronic image stabilization (EIS). The VMH100LA
includes Artificial Intelligence Technology and three-way digital fader. Everything fits neatly inside a
supplied carrying case. (800)-241-6558
Suggested retail price: $2599


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Have You Seen the Remote?
To help you keep track of the numerous remote controllers that populate your household, Pacific Products
offers the Remote Revolver. This unit will hold up to six remote controllers in a handy revolving caddie
that you can aim at your home entertainment center. To use the remote revolver, simply rotate the dial to
find the remote you need. (800) 999-9498.
Suggested retail price: $25

Sound Quality
Soundcraft’s K-1 4-bus sound reinforcement mixing console is available in 8, 16, 24 and 32-channel
versions. The user can custom configure the K-1 with different combinations of either mono mike/line or
stereo line input channels. Mono input channels offer phase reverse switching, high pass filters, and 4-band equalization with both mid bands sweepable. (818) 895-3426.
Suggested retail price: $2995 and up

Shock Mount
The Video Suspension Technology (VST) Camera Mount is designed for mountain bikers. It suspends the
weight of the camera, allowing you to ride and shoot smooth video. The VST’s double-action suspension
compensates for unwanted motion by tilting the camera up a degree at a time as the suspension arm travels
downward. (503) 557-0761
Suggested retail price: $295

3D Video

The Virtual i-glasses system is a virtual reality headset designed for PC gaming and video
entertainment. Glasses display full-color, three-dimensional video and computer-generated images. Virtual
i-glasses provide a head tracking system that enables players to maneuver inside three dimensional
computer games. The headset is available in standard video, PC and Macintosh formats. (206) 382-
Suggested retail price: $599 and up

Hello Dolly
Media Logic has released new versions of their Fast Track Dolly and Seven Jib. The Seven Jib II now
supports 75 pounds of camera, head, and accessories, and has a maximum lift of over six feet. The new
Super Track Dolly is based on the original Fast Track; the Super Track’s trucks each hold four wheels
instead of two for added smoothness. Each truck swivels and slides on special bearing plates. The 30 by
40-inch deck can carry tripod, operator and assistant, yet is small enough to stow in the trunk of your car.
The Super Track runs on standard steel track or PVC pipe. (212)-924-3823
Suggested retail price: Jib $995, Dolly $595

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