Professional cameras are a highly specialized piece of equipment intended to be used for specific applications. Then there are consumer cameras that are suitable for everyday use by the general people. For people who seek thrill and adventures in sports and other physical activities, these cameras may not be able to meet their demands. This requires use of cameras that have been designed by taking such applications into consideration.

From among a wide variety available in the market, the XS series from Polaroid is one such range of cameras designed for use in sports and extreme outdoor activities. Each camera in the XS series fits to the needs of different types of users. For those who consider quality as paramount, the XS100HD is the ideal choice out of the three in the XS series. Along with the XS100HD, Polaroid is also giving helmet and bike mounts for supporting the camera and data cables for transfer and sharing of captured data.


By giving due consideration to the conditions and environment to which cameras are expected to be exposed to when used to film the perspective of a sportsman, the XS100HD has been designed to be shockproof and waterproof till depths of 30 feet underwater. The body of the camera has been streamlined to prevent build up of noise that can interfere with the sound quality. A built-in sensor detects the orientation of the camera and responses accordingly to ensure upright images are captured. Also equipped is an image stabilizer that rectifies camera shakes, a problem expected when camera support is mobile.

A 5 megapixel CMOS sensor enables the camera to capture full high definition 1920×1080 videos and still images of up to 16 megapixel resolution. The camera is fitted with an extra-wide lens capable of 170 degrees field of view. Recording options include motion record, 10 frames per second bursts, adjustable frame rate for slow motion and time delay photos at time intervals varying from 1 second to 60 seconds.

While recording the images, the camera automatically generates an additional file for convenient sharing on social networking websites. Besides support of a microSD card with a memory of up to 32 GB, the XS100HD also has HDMI output and USB connectivity.


  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.7 x 4.3″ / 42.4 x 42 x 108 mm
  • Weight: 4.49 oz / 127.2 g
  • Image Sensor: 5MP 1/2.5″ CMOS
  • Lens: Fixed Focus f/2.8v
  • Video Format: MPEG4-AVC/H.264, Full HD
  • Image Format: JPEG
  • Built-in Mic: Yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 1200mAh, USB charging
  • Price: $160

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