Post production image editing is rapidly become an indispensable part of the video making industry. Professionals all around the globe are increasingly utilizing modern computer software to perfect their images. Not only that but they now have the liberty to experiment with different settings and conditions that yield the best result. Adobe After Effects is a popular software used for this purpose and Optical Flares by Video Copilot is a plug-in for After Effects.

Lens flare can be described as an abnormality that is created inside a camera’s lens system when a strong source of light shines on the lens. However, this abnormality may sometimes be intentionally desired to induce a sense of realism in the image.


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As its name implies, Optical Flares is used to introduce, customize and animate lens flares in digital images. Claimed by Video Copilot to be “the most powerful lens flare tool in the world”, Optic Flares can be used to create multiple numbers of two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) flares from After Effects 3D lights or from those exported from similar software. The software will determine the properties of the flare based upon the light settings.

To make the scene look more life-life and natural, the flares can be customized in a number of ways and be made interactive with the scene. The flare can be made to move across the image, change size, pass behind objects, pass around objects that have a well defined outline, shimmer at a user determined rate and even flicker. For added realism you can also choose to add color bleeding and artifacts from a set of 12 pre-loaded high quality lens textures that simulate the effect caused by specs of dust or scratches on the lens surface.

The software processes images at 32 Bits and does not require a graphics card to operate. If it is desired to increase the image processing speeds, one can always use a graphics card. The software is compatible with most of the graphics card series available in the market today.

System Requirements

  • System: Mac (Intel only) & PC Compatible
  • Software: After Effects 7, CS3, CS4, and CS5
  • Price: Optical Flares Plug-in = $ 125

    Optical Flares Bundle = $ 140

    Pro Flares Bundle = $ 165

Video Copilot


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