Lighting plays a very important role in image quality. Adequacy of exposure can be the difference between good images and great images. The ambience at the studio or location is usually incapable of providing this amount of light. For this reason, lighting fixtures have become a standard piece of every modern day cinematographer’s equipment. Depending upon the application, these lighting fixtures may be camera mountable, on portable stands or fixed. Sony’s HVL-LBPB LED video light is one such fixture that is mountable on both cameras and tripod stands.

The source of the fixture’s light is a group of LED lights, which inherently make the fixture less power consuming and emit less heat. Having a power draw of only 18 watts, the fixture emits a light having a maximum of 1800 lux for duration of up to 2 hours and 40 minutes (using a fully charged NP-F970 battery).


Although the light emitted by the LEDs has a 5,500 Kelvin color temperature, a filter has been provided with the fixture to change the color temperature to 3,200 Kelvin. However, using the filter will reduce the amount of lux at the objects. To vary the beam angle of the light, a light diffuser and a condensing lens have been provided. When filming for wide angle, the diffuser attached to the top of the fixture can be simply swung in front of the light to increase the beam angle. Alternatively the condensing lens attached to the bottom can be swung in front to get a focused beam. To get a combined effect, both diffuser and lens can be used in conjunction.

Other features of the HVL-LBPB include a battery strength indicator, a female thread for attaching to tripods and cameras and a light dimmer. The dimmer gives the user the ability to vary the light output from a minimum of 10 percent to its maximum rated output of 1800 lux.

System Requirements

  • Power Consumption: Approx. 18 W with battery (Approx. 20 W with LIGHT connector adaptor)
  • Power Requirements: DC 7.2 V InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery pack L series NP-F900/700 range (cannot use NP-F500/300 range).
  • Soft Flood: 65° flood angle having 250 lux @ 3′ distance
  • Hard Spot: 23° flood angle having 1800 lux @ 40′ distance
  • Weight: Approx. 15.9 oz (450 g)
  • Price: $622


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