Porta-Jib Traveller

The ability to support heavy loads and hover larger distances around the set is a great advantage for video making professionals but certain applications may find such equipment to be too cumbersome. This is true especially for crews that need to travel between shots. The equipment in their case needs to be compact, easy to set-up and easy to transport.

Constructed out of lightweight, corrosion resistant yet durable metal alloys, the Traveller is designed to withstand the detrimental effects of the environment. Encased bearing provide fluid motion to the moving parts of the jib. Standard features include bubble levels for establishing a quick set-up of the equipment, adjustable resistance to the sliding and moving parts for better control over the boom movements, and capability of attaching to a 100 millimeter tripod or fluid head.


Sacrificing its reach and load carrying capacity for portability, the Porta-Jib Traveller can be rightfully called a compact version of the Porta-Jib. With a self weight of 29 pounds, a boom length of 41 inches minimum, telescopic parts and hinged joints, the jib can be folded and transported with ease.

Telescopic Weight Adjustment

To offset the imbalance created by the camera, adding counterweights at the opposite end is a conventional practice. The Porta-Jib has been equipped with a telescopic counterweight shaft which, after adding the balancing weights, can be adjusted by sliding to achieve perfect balance.

Vector Balancing

Adding counter weights on the opposite end balances the jib. When the boom is tilted vertically, the counter weights tend to bring the jib back into its balanced horizontal position and consequently the operator needs to exert a pressure to prevent this restoration. This may cause a jerk in the motion spoiling the quality of the image and put strain on the operator during long shots. The vector balancing system has been designed to prevent this from occurring. To achieve this, weights are simply shifted from the horizontal bars to the vertical vector bar, and with fine tuning, balance can be achieved which prevents the jib from moving after tilting motions are performed.


  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 40 lbs
  • Reach (pan radius): 35″ to 55″
  • Boom: 41″ to 68″
  • Price: $2,495.00



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