7toX for Final Cut Pro is a professional yet lightweight application purchased through the Mac App Store. This editing application, with its drag and drop capabilities makes it a very simple process to assist you in bringing older editing projects from Final Cut Pro 7 or 6 into Final Cut Pro X. If you have any older projects which may be unfinished or may need to be updated, you can use the application software to help.

Simple to Use

There are 3 simple ways to translate older files into Assisted Editing’s 7toX for Final Cut Pro. First is to run 7toX and use the Open dialog to locate your exported XML file. Second is to drag and drop the XML file onto the 7toX application, and Third is right-click on the XML file in the Finder and choose Open With: 7toX. It’s that simple, Assisted Editing has given the user a choice of workflow capabilities, which is very convenient.


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Cool, Quality App

7toX outputs the highest quality translations for your Final Cut projects. Some of the conversions include:

  • Bins come over complete with original log notes and comments and become Keyword Collections.
  • Sequences become Compound Clips are tagged with keywords so finding them is easy once you’ve brought them into Final Cut Pro x
  • Multicam clips are fully supported
  • Photoshop files with layers are translated accurately for easy use.
  • 31 transitions are translated to matching transitions.

This application easily translates metadata from an older version of Final Cut Pro; including: sequences, clips, bins and sub clips into a new Event in Final Cut Pro X. Subsequently, the app gives the user the opportunity to turn off the metadata imports in the event the user does not want all of the files translated over into the new event. Once the translation has been done, the app provides users with detailed and very clear reports. This happens every single time a translation happens.

7toX has made it easy to be aware of what is different between your Final Cut Pro sequence and the Final Cut Pro X timeline. The app adds red to-do markers to items in order to determine what has changed or has been substituted. When the user views these substitutions changes can be made for each marker to completed by clicking on the checkbox in the Timeline Index.

Product Requirements:

  • Final Cut Pro Version 10.0.6 Or Later
  • OS X10.8 “Mountain Lion” or OS X 10.7 “Lion” or 0S X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”
  • Exports Final Cut Pro Xml – Versions As Pro 6 And 7
  • 7toX supports both Final Cut Pro X and the Final Cut Pro X Trial.

Price: $9.99 through the Mac App Store.

Assisted Editing