The Redrock Micro microFollowFocus is the third generation of products from Redrock, and builds on the immensely popular V2. It is used to pull focus for both still and cinema lenses. It enables the videographer to produce a perfect focus on lenses that do not have hard stops by having these integrated into the microFollowFocus. The gearbox has been custom designed to move either still or cinema cameras precisely, and is completely tunable, enabling you to achieve the shots you want, every time and with almost any lens, regardless of the size.

Key Features

The Redrock Micro microFollowFocus is easy to tune, and does not require any specialist equipment to do so, meaning you can make changes even during the video shoot. This is a piece of equipment that is extremely easy to use, and will make a difference to the quality of the images or footage produced.

Redrock’s microFollowFocus has become the industry standard, with a durable aluminium construction, which ensures it is also lightweight. The rubber handgrip makes it less likely that it will slip in your hand, ensuring that your camera remains stable throughout filming.

The focus indicator is movable and can be placed anywhere on the camera for your convenience, making it even easier to adjust the Redrock Micro microFollowFocus. The gearbox can also be flipped, allowing you to adjust the drive gears at both the front and rear.


A number of accessories are available for the microFollowFocus, including additional gears in a variety of sizes. Marking discs and flares allow the equipment to be used even in low light levels, and there are also microWhips, which extend the focus wheel for when you are working in tight conditions and cannot reach the camera easily. These are available in several different lengths, between three and eighteen inches, depending on what you require.

Product Highlights and Sepcs

  • 0.8 Gear Drive for Cine Lenses
  • Adjusts to Different Lens Diameters
  • Gearbox Flips to Match Short/Long Lenses
  • Backlash Adjustable to Minimal / Zero
  • Easy Wipe-Away Marking Disk
  • Reinforced Focus Indicator
  • Rubberized Handgrip
  • Standard Accessory Port
  • Drive Gear: Standard 0.8 mod 32 film pitch drive gear
  • Mount: Compatible with standard 15mm rods with 60mm spacing /optionally compatible with 19mm rods
  • Material: Precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum, hardened composite drive gear with a metal insert
  • Weight: 0.85 lbs (0.39 kg)

Price $595