The Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot is a handheld grip used by those that want to increase stability in their video shoots using their iPhone. All you need to do is press your phone into the soft grip cradle, which takes only seconds, then add this to the handgrip. The Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot means that you can produce professional, smooth video footage using your iPhone, quickly and easily.

No More Shaky Shots

Using the Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot means that any video footage you produce on your iPhone will benefit from increased stability, and you will be far less likely to experience shaking of the camera as you move across the scene. The system is extremely lightweight, so you will be able to use it for long periods of time, rather than needing to stop regularly. The total weight of the cradle and the handgrip is only 2.9 oz. If you need more stability than just your hand, the handgrip had threads that allow the user to attach it to a tripod.

Easy to Use

If you normally use your iPhone with a case, this will need to be removed before you can fit the phone into the Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot, as the cradle fits very tightly around the device but is built with soft grips that will not damage the phone. This can be a slight disadvantage if you are taking videos with your phone on a regular basis, but for the more occasional user it is unlikely to be an issue.

If you already have one of Zacuto’s handgrips for your camera, then all you need to upgrade it to the iPhone Point N Shoot is the iPhone cradle, which is also available separately. This means that you don’t need to purchase the entire system, your existing equipment can simply be adapted to take the iPhone. Currently, all models of the iPhone can be used with the Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot.

Product Specs and Highlights

  • Handgrip Stabilization System for iPhone
  • Perfect for Shooting Steady Video
  • iPhone Mounts in Seconds
  • Convenient Detachable Cradle
  • System Can be Mounted on Tripod

Price $121


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