It is available in either a tungsten or a daylight option, which is what the TD in the name represents. The Spiderlite TD5 uses five fluorescent or tungsten bulbs, depending on the option you choose, while the Spiderlite TD6 gives you one extra bulb for that increased brightness. The daylight option guarantees to provide true daylight color with these lamps, instead of allowing color shifts to occur.

The Spiderlite TD lighting system enables adjustments to be easily made to the light output, without altering the color. Different switches control the different bulbs, allowing you to be more accurate with your changes. This is designed to be user-friendly, with the 180 degree rotation on the softbox that can be achieved quickly and easily, just by using the lock down knob and large handle. The built in adapter ring also allows you to insert the rods for the soft box and then just slide the box itself into place.

The sturdy metal construction of the Spiderlite TD system ensures that this will be a hard-wearing piece of kit. There is no plastic at all, so breakages are unlikely to happen. The lamps are also rated for over eight thousand hours of use, with no changes in the quality and temperature of the light, so you will not need to worry about changing bulbs in the middle of your video shoot. Even in the unlikely event that you did need to change a bulb, the low temperatures of this lamp mean that you will be able to do this quickly and easily. You also don’t need to worry about the heat produced by the light affecting your subject, as very little heat is generated by these bulbs.


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Lamps: 30-watt fluorescent

Color Temperature: 5500K

Flicker free: Yes

Lifespan: 8000+ hours

Power Cord: 15′ (4.57 m) attached

Max Wattage per head: 1000

Kit Weight: 31.4 lbs. (14.2 kg)

Total kit Equivalent Watts: 1200

Price: $1,620