Jibs are used worldwide to extend the reach of the camera to get cinematic views and hover over obstacles and props without the need of cranes. This is not only an economical alternative, but it also eliminates many safety issues associated with crane operation.

The Jib

The QuickJib’s design is a result of careful considerations of a professional’s needs. From the material design to the ease of assembly and operation, all aspects of the QuickJib kit have been detailed for efficacy.

The sleek boom of the jib has been anodized and enveloped with high quality powder coating. Slim in design, the jib offers less resistance in windy conditions, making it more stable. The Jib joins to the camera platform using high strength aircraft grade connecting pins. The sleeve and ball bearing surrounding the pins allow smooth and noiseless pan and tilt motion. A level vial has been provided in the camera platform to help in the tilt movement adjustment.

To restrict the movement of the jib around the pivot, a powerful braking system has been provided. This braking system can be used to either completely lock the jib movement or vary the amount of friction offered to these movements.

To offset the front ended weight of the Jib, an adjustable counterweight section has been provided. This section can be adjusted by a length of about three feet. Fully extended, the amount of counter weight required is reduced. Collapsed in length, the Jib can be used in cramped places.

TCR 100 Tripod

Using a tripod with several sections undermines the safety of equipment on the jib and people underneath it. For this reason, the TCR 100 has not only been designed using single leg segments, but it has also for strength, durability and stability. The QuickJib can be mounted on top of any 100mm tripod including the TCR 100 recommended by the manufacturer.

DCR 100 Dolly

The dolly has been specially designed for the TCR 100 tripod. It is strong, has a good base area and lockable legs.


QuickJib (Small Config)

Tripod to Camera – “Reach”: 5′

Max Camera Height: 10’2″

Max Weight Capacity: Up to 50lbs

Telescoping Weight Range: 3′

Jib Weight: 26.7lbs

Minimum Storage Length: 56″

Works with Zero Gravity: Yes

QuickJib2 (QuickJib with Extension)

Tripod to Camera – “Reach”: 9’6″

Max Camera Height: 13’9″

Max Weight Capacity: Up to 30lbs

Telescoping Weight Range: 3′

Jib Weight: 47lbs

Minimum Storage Length: 56″

Works with Zero Gravity: Yes

Price: $2,560


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