Steadicam Phantom V

The Steadicam Phantom V was introduced by manufacturers Tiffin in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Steadicam Phantom V is designed to work like the top of the range Steadicam Ultra2, but at a much lower cost.

It is designed to be a user friendly system that can be easily adjusted between shots, by altering the sled length, balance or a number of other aspects, and all of this can be accomplished without the use of extra parts or tools.

This new version of the Phantom system retains the tilting feature of the original, but has been adapted to allow the use of a wide angle lens with the camera set back on the stage, and also to enable a 3D mirror rig to be mounted. The tilting mount has a range of 180 degrees, providing a wide range of options for the shots.

The Steadicam Phantom V uses the most advanced battery pack that has yet been developed, powering both the moving sled and the camera to be used. This battery pack is able to provide sufficient power for even high definition video cameras.

The Steadicam Phantom V system is set up to be able to provide live broadcast, being wired with three HD cables between the moving stage and the base. The feed can be viewed on the built in screen, which can also handle 3D footage.

The base on which the stage moves is telescopic, being able to extend from 25 to 38 inches and ending in a solid base. It is a heavy duty camera stabilising system that is high performance without the costs to match.

A number of accessories are also included with the rig.

It includes:

  • Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)
  • New Two-post Sled Design
  • G-70 Stabilizer Arm
  • 12-70 lb. (5-32kg) Capacity Dual Iso-Elastic Arm
  • Ultra2 Vest
  • Standard 7″ SD LCD -700 NITS Color Monitor
  • Newly Engineered Low-friction Gimbal with “Blue Whale: Tool
  • No-tools Tilt Head
  • Dual Monitor Mounts
  • Built-in Frameline
  • On-screen Artificial Horizon
  • NEW Steadicam PowerCube or Anton Bauer Battery Systems (optional)
  • Dual Battery Mounts
  • Docking and Balancing Bracket
  • Add-on Weights (optional)
  • Hard Sled Case with Wheels


Length: 25 to 38 inches (64-97cm)

Monitor extension: 5 to 17 inches (13-43cm)

Battery extension: 5.5 to 16 inches (14-41cm) (2 battery mode)

Sled with standard monitor: 13 lbs (5.9kg)
(no batteries)

Weight with 1 battery: 1.59 lbs (722g) (PowerCube)

Weight with 2 batteries: 3.18 lbs (1.4kg) (PowerCube)


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