Noise Industries Tokyo Split Animator

Tokyo Split Animator goes far beyond more familiar split screen concepts that have a more simple and static feel to them. These Final Cut Pro X templates add easy to use animation functionality as well as the added ability to create your own original design layouts quickly and easily. All you have to do is first select one of the 19 templates located under Tokyo Split Anime in your Final Cut Pro X Effects library. Once you select a template, add the clip into your video timeline. From here you can add in other additional templates and reorganize your layout over and over until you finally create something you like. All functionality is based out of a simple to use pop up menu that has a wide selection of animation styles to offer. Animation can be done from any side or corner of your video. With the Tokyo Split Animator by Noise Industries you can easily place your split screen into an ordinary layout; or you can think outside of the box and experiment with various combinations of designs to come up with your own personal style. Additionally, regardless of your chosen screen position for the final piece, your selected template will make sure that all of your animations stay on track. Each and every one of the nineteen templates included with the Tokyo Split Animator allows you to have precise control over every aspect of your split screens and transitions. You can control every one from the timing and direction of animations, to the image offset; fade in/out, screen alignment, borders, drop shadows and rounded corners.

This software works exclusively in tandem with Final Cut Pro X. There is no stand alone version of this application and you must already own FCP X and have it installed on your system in order to enjoy the Tokyo Split Animator.

The Trial, or Demonstrative Version of the Tokyo Split Animator is available for free but will add a watermark to all of it’s output. Although it is fully functional otherwise without expiration, you will probably be interested in purchasing the registration code to fully “unlock” the Tokyo Split Animator and remove the watermark from your videos.

Price: $49

Noise Industries

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