Litepanels Ringlite Mini

The Litepanels Ringlite contains seventy-two LED lights, and can be adjusted to provide a variety of different lighting capabilities, whether you are looking for direct light or a softer effect. You can choose whether to use the entire 72 LED bulbs or just have sections of them lit, with a total of 24 or 48 bulbs in use at a time.

The Ringlite Mini is a small, lightweight piece of equipment that is available in three different variations; the Spot Daylight, Flood Daylight and Flood Tungsten options. All three offer excellent versatility and professional standard equipment, with the ability to mount the unit on the wall, a stand, on the camera, or anywhere else you can think of to place it.

Another benefit of the Litepanels Ringlite Mini is its extremely low power consumption. It is an extremely efficient lighting unit, running on only 40 watts of power. It comes with a mains adapter, and can also be used with a 12-30V battery. However, if you are planning on using this for a considerable length of time, and would like to have it attached to the camera, it would be advisable to plug it into the mains, as the batteries required can be heavy.

For extra versatility, the Ringlite Mini also comes with a selection of conversion and diffusion filters, for different effects on both your still images and video footage. These are easy to use, and come in a protective case to prevent scratches and other damage.

Overall, the Ringlite Mini is a high quality professional photography light source that is versatile and lightweight. This makes it suitable for many different uses, both in the studio and outside.


  • Outer Diameter: 10.5″
  • Inner Diameter: 5″
  • Depth: 2″ thick
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Power Draw: 40 Watts/3.5 amps @ 12VDC
  • Power Supply: 12-30V, AC Adapter 100-240V
  • Recommended retail price $2,065


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