Manfrotto Snake Arm

Good quality videos and photography require a carefully designed set, whether in the studio or outdoors. Lights and cameras need to be set up at the right location to provide the best lighting effects and great camera angles. However, setting up the bulky equipment takes up valuable time. Manfrotto’s innovatively designed Snake Arm provides a solution to this problem.

The Snake Arm is a device that provides a support for lights, cameras and other light-weight video production accessories. The construction consists of four 90-degree curved aluminum tubes that are free to rotate at the joints, granting the user freedom to bend the Snake Arm in a pattern with minimal effort and time.

The Snake Arm is light weight and easy to carry around. It serves as a good substitute for heavier more bulky equipment. It can be fixed at one end to a stand and has a clamp and two spigots to attach lights or cameras at the other. When the clamp is tightened, the Snake Arm becomes rigid and ready to support the weight of the attachments. To make any readjustments, the user simply to loosens the clamp and rotates the required arm segments to the new position.


Price: Manfrotto Snake Arm: $220
Manfrotto Snake Arm with Super Clamp: $240

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