RedRock Micro ultraCage DSLR Field Cinema Bundle

Professional photography and video producing often require the use of a monitor or an external electronic viewfinder (EVF.) It’s a challenge for the person shooting to film while looking at the viewfinder, making adjustments to the focus and keeping the camera steady all at the same time. The ultraCage DSLR Field Cinema Bundle shoulder mount rig is Redrock Micro’s innovative solution to this problem.

The rig basically consists of a platform to mount a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera that rests on the shoulders of the user and held using the two hand grips. The shoulder mount and hand grips allow the user to pan the camera with minimal vibration while looking at the viewfinder.

Since the ultraCage Field Cinema is supported by a user’s shoulders, a weight of just about seven pounds makes it lightweight and easy to carry around in the field.

RedRock Micro

Price: $1,440

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