Vinten Vision Blue

Vinten has designed the Vision blue to make precise camera panning and tilting movements easy for videographers. User-friendly controls allow customization of camera pan and tilt settings to suit the convenience of the camera operator.


The camera is connected to the head by means of a sliding plate. On the head are two points opposite to each other where the pan bar is connected. With the help of the bar, camera movements are made in an ergonomic way.

The distinguishing features of the Vision blue are a level bubble with LED light, and an LF drag system. Vinten is one of the pioneers incorporating an LED illuminated level bubble on pan and tilt heads. The bubble helps you set up your system in a horizontal position easily and quickly. Switching on the light makes the bubble visible in the dark, perfect for night shooting or events that you can’t control the surrounding light.

During tilting motions, operators have to manually compensate for the camera weight. The Perfect Balance system allows the operator to adjust the counterweight setting and balance the system based on the weight of the camera. Once set, the head automatically balances the weight’s shift during the tilting motions, allowing the operator to perform the camera movement with great ease as if it’s weightless.

The Lubricated Friction or LF drag system permits the operator to adjust the amount of resistance offered by the head during panning and tilting motions. The resistance changes with the speed of head movement, more resistance is offered in slow movement, meanwhile, as the resistance reduces, the movement speed is increased. This ensures smooth motion when panning and tilting.


Price: $770

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