New Gear: myFC, Digital Juice, AfterShokz, Sennheiser


Ever go out in the wild on a shoot and discover you’ll be working much longer than your batteries? And you can’t plug into a nearby tree, so what do you do? Using water and the Sun, PowerTrekk by myFC converts hydrogen gas into electricity with a USB portable fuel cell charger for mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS devices. Unlike solar-powered devices, the fuel cell charger works instantly and doesn’t rely on the weather. Delivering 2.5W at 5V, the PowerTrekk runs for more than two hours and can be charged ahead of your shoot to save time.

MSRP $230

Digital Juice

Digital Juice’s Toxic Type collections give you a variety of professional looking templates for text animations with titles. Drop the template of your choice into After Effects and you can then customize the effects to be yours and yours alone. The new collections include themes for corporate and broadcast; perfect for the production company that doesn’t have the time to create its own from scratch. The more than 65 unique projects include instant download templates, complete customization, edit-friendly segments, and uses common formats in SD or HD formats.


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MSRP: $100


Usually, video producers want headphones that block out all ambient sound – but there are occasions when you need to both hear what’s around you, as well as hear the sound coming from your mic. Enter AfterShokz Sport ear-free headphones. AfterShokz Sport uses bone conduction technology that passes sound through the user’s cheekbones rather than the ear canals. While designed for sports and outdoor users, those of us working behind the camera have found these ‘phones to allow us to hear the audio we’re recording but not block out the sounds of rushed outdoor activity or a colleague talking.

MSRP $60


From casual above to this: the Cadillac of sound gear – Sennheiser HD 700 high-end headphones. These fully open dynamic stereo headphones have a full high-end sound. Designed like ears, the earcups are comfortable to wear and bring sound in beautifully for natural listening, courtesy of the open transparent transducer with a ventilated magnet system. The headband has a vibration-dampening frame, a detachable cable and spring-mounted earcups. The transducer sits in a stainless steel gauze encasement so that the headphone acoustics won’t be diminished from vibrations. Frequency response: 10-42,000Hz Nominal impedance: 150 ohms, Sound pressure level (SPL): 105 dB (1kHz, 1V) Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0.03 % (1 kHz, 1 V), Jack: 1/4-inch plug.

MSRP: $1,000

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