New Gear: Cinevate, Microboards, Datavideo, Convergent Design, Kino Flo

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters Show had a huge selection of new products for the professional video producer. Here are a few we looked at, for more, read 2011 NAB Wrap – Checking Out The Show.


Atlas 10 DSLR Camera Slider – Improving on its already popular Atlas line, Cinevate released a new Atlas 10 LTS slider dolly for DSLRs. This slider has a full ball bearing linear tracking system with 7 tripod mount plate locations, micro-adjust non-marking feet, vertical operation, and best of all vertical counter-balanced operation for smooth dolly shots in any direction.

MSRP $630


USB Flash Duplicator – Microboards has been making disc duplicators for years, but now they’ve introduced a new kid to the block: flash-drive USB duplicators. Available in 7, 11, or 15-slot configurations, they allow you to duplicate data simultaneously to multiple flash drives. As a bonus, with asynchronous copying, users are also able to remove and insert drives at any point during the copying process.

MSRP $1,145 – $1,795, depending on size


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Datavideo released its HS-2000 5 Channel HD Mobile Studio which can handle 1080i and 720p video signals all in a small form factor. The switcher can handle 4 HD-SDI and a DVI-D inputs, can output over HD-SDI, and offers a 17-inch multi-image video monitor for each source along with a preview and program window. The best part about this small package is that it allows for seamless switching between all sources since it has a built-in frame synchronizer.

MSRP $8,700

Convergent Design

Gemini 4:4:4 from Convergent Designs is a different type of portable video recorder. More than just a transfer device, it records 10-bit uncompressed 4:4:4/4:2:2 video in many formats, including 1080p24 and 1080p50. Additionally, it operates on low power, is light-weight, and has a touch-screen interface. A 3D option is also available at an extra cost, which allows dual recording and playback.

MSRP: $5,995

Kino Flo

Barfly and CFL Bulbs – As anyone who has been forced to lug around a ballast knows, Kino Flo’s newest announcement of a ballast-free Barfly is welcomed news. The company also re-introduced their new “practicals” line which offers 12-volt, 26-watt spiral CFL bulbs that can mount on any household lamp, allowing video enthusiasts to use practical lighting indoors without having to suffer with color temperature inconsistencies.

for CFL bulbs: $21-$24

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