New Gear: Canon, Rotolight, LetusDirect, Panasonic


Canon recently released the new 18 Megapixel EOS 60D, a HDSLR with all the features we’ve been waiting for. The new camera boasts a three-inch Vari-Angle Clear View LCD screen, Full HD video recording with manual overrides including audio level control. The EOS 60D also has an in-camera movie editing feature, allowing users to edit on the fly.

MSRP $1.399


Rotolight’s RL48-A ‘Stealth’ is a LED light that simply slips over a shotgun mic and delivers calibrated 6900K, ‘Daylight’ 5600K, 4100K and ‘Tungsten’ 3200K. The Rotolight can also be accurately dimmed using Neutral Density filters which are included with the light. Another notable feature is the ability to shoot non-stop for four hours on three Lithium AA batteries.

MSRP $125


LetusDirect’s Hawk viewfinder is a new design from the ground up, it features three lenses in two groups rather than a single diopter we are all familiar with. The lenses on the Hawk are adjustable from +1.5 to -2.5 to accommodate near and far sighted users. The included base plate is adjustable in X,Y, and Z directions for compatibility with all HDSLR cameras.

MSRP $385


Panasonic recently announced the launch of the HDC-SDT750, the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder, which includes a 3D conversion lens that enables the camcorder to shoot 3D video content. The 3D conversion lens records right-eye and left-eye images (each with 960 x 1080 pixels) simultaneously through its two lenses, thus resulting in video that can be viewed in 3D. Take the 3D converson lens off and the HDC-SDT750 doubles as a Full HD camcorder.

MSRP: $1,400


Panasonic has entered the pocket camera market with the new HM-TA1, a Full HD, 1920×1080 pixel-capable mobile video camera. Beyond shooting HD, the TA1 can also double as a Web camera and microphone, plus it shoots eight megapixel photos. The HM-TA1 features a built-in USB terminal for charging and easy upload on the go. Plus it has a built-in LED light for any lighting situation you may run into.

MSRP: $170

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