SteddiePod has over 8 Uses in one device

Barber Tech

SteddiePod is the evolved version of a device developed over 20 years ago by multiple Emmy Award winner Eddie Barber. This piece of equipment aides in getting some amazing shots with over 8 functions all in one device, which works as a camera boom, hand-held stabilizer and a body mount, just to name a few. A great tool for any video producer.

Suggested Retail Price: $300


Sony’s Bloggie MHS-PM5 records high-definition MP4 video clips, shoots five-megapixel still photos and is small enough to fit in your back pocket. The Bloggie comes standard with a 270-degree swivel lens; the kit includes a 360-degree video lens adaptor that lets you shoot high-quality panoramic video with a full 360-degree field of view. Videos are stored on Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD/SDHC memory cards, depending on your preference.

Suggested Retail Price: $190 (360 degree accessory lens + 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo – Kit)

Noise Industries

FxFactory is a free plug-in management system that lets you install and try hundreds of plug-ins. Some plug-ins are even free, others are available in trial mode and may be purchased as needed.
FxFactory also capitalizes on your graphics card in your current system to provide hardware-accelerated previews and rendering.

Suggested Retail Price: Free

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