Wearable HD Camcorder shoots

Twenty20, Inc.

The Wearable HD Camcorder shoots and shares 1080p video. Available in two models, ContourHD and the ContourHD1080p. Record all of your adventures to a removable microSD memory card (compatible up to 16GB). VholdR also offers tons of accessories to mount these cameras in any situation you run into.


Suggested Retail Price:
ContourHD $300
ContourHD1080p $330

Mediapreview Ltd.

The 8mm Distress Kit is a collection of 28 clips taken from vintage 8mm cine film. Compatible with any NLE with blending/transfer or compositing modes, the clips are overlaid on sequences, clips and transitions to give your film an unusual lift and a touch of old-school sizzle. Available as a royalty free digital download.


Suggested Retail Price: $35


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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The OWLE Bubo is a solution for improving the quality of mobile video specifically for the iPhone. The OWLE Bubo comes standard with a coldshoe mount on top for any accessories, four tripod mounts and standard 37mm lens threading so that you can put your own lenses on it in addition to the lens that the Bubo comes with.


Suggested Retail Price: $130

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