Fixstar's CodecSys Personal


Fixstar’s CodecSys Personal is a video encoding tool that uses an off-the-shelf Sony PlayStation 3 connected to your computer via gigabit Ethernet to perform near-realtime H.264 renders at a maximum bitrate of 15Mbps and at resolutions of up to 1080p.

Suggested Retail Price: $199


JVC’s Picsio pocket camcorders utilize CMOS image sensors. They record in 1440×1080, progressive, and take 8-megapixel stills. Electronic image stabilization is provided, and the camcorder includes a 4x digital zoom. The video is stored on SD/SDHC cards, encoded as H.264 and saved with a QuickTime wrapper. There’s an HDMI output and a USB port for transferring video and charging the camcorder.

Suggested Retail Price: $200

NCH Software

NCH VideoPad Pro supports many video formats, including AVI, WMV, DivX and 3GPP. Transition, crop and fade effects are available for use, and you can export finished products to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, iPhone and more.

Suggested Retail Price: $68 (free version also available)


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How to Make a

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