Verbatim’s TUFF-‘N’-TINY

Verbatim’s new TUFF-‘N’-TINY Line of penny-thin USB Drives hold up to 8GB of removable storage. About 1-inch long by -inch wide and the thickness of a penny, the USB drives include a key ring lanyard that can be clipped on a key ring, PDA or cell phone. The TUFF-N-TINY utilize SIP technology which encapsulates all of the electronic components into a single miniaturized and sealed unit.

Suggested Retail Price:

$30 for the 4GB drive and $50 for the 8GB drive

CBL Lens

The CBL Lens system is a color balancing tool designed to neutralize light in video and photos. Its full color and white balance system helps your camera capture colors precisely. The system supports color balance in direct sunlight, mixed lighting situations, low light, or on cloudy and overcast days. They come in 60 mm, 85 mm, 110 mm, and a 220 mm lens.

Suggested Retail Price:

Starting at $90 for a 60 mm CBL lens

Aleratec Copy Cruiser

The Aleratec 1:3 Copy Cruiser BLU HLX features a high-speed transfer rate of 8X and embraces LightScribe technology for labeling discs. It supports Blu-ray, DVD and CD processing, can print up to 3 simultaneous direct to disc LightScribe DVD/CD Labels and burn up to 3 simultaneous BD copies at up to 8x speed. It has up to 50GB capacity per disc, and comes with a Dual Channel PCI Express eSATA host adapter.

Suggested Retail Price:


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