TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 provides frame-accurate MPEG-2 editing and adds the ability to output and burn Blu-ray Discs (BDAV). The software can also import and edit DVDs created with set-top DVD recorders. It utilizes Smart Rendering, which only re-encodes at GOPs where edits were actually performed.

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Artbeats has added to its Ultra collection of clips shot at 1000fps with the Phantom HD camera: Ultra Water 2, Ultra Natural Water, Ultra Water Drops, Ultra Motion 2, Ultra Nature and Liquid Ambience 2. Also new are Executive Jet, City Edges and Aerial Energy, aerial footage of Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Texas cities, plus Environmental Impact.

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Starting at $199/clip

Focus Enhancements

Focus’ FS-5 direct capture device can be attached to many DV and HDV camcorders and allows for the capture of custom metadata. It also captures to MXF HDV 720p30 and 1080i50/60 formats and is smaller and weighs less than the FS-4. Battery life is quoted as 3 hours.

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$2,195 (100GB)

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