Dymo’s DiscPainter prints labels onto a CD or DVD in about a minute at 600dpi or about three minutes at 1200dpi. The printer prints along the disc’s radius as it is spun. The device’s multi-color/single-cartridge print mechanism is said to yield up to 100 printed discs per cartridge.


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Memorex’ Labelflash discs allow the burning of sharp (up to 400dpi), deep-blue labels (with up to 256 shades) when burned with a Labelflash-enabled DVD burner. The burnable side of the discs is single-layer and can be burned at speeds up to 16x.


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How to Make a

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$15 (10-pack DVD-R)


16×9’s EX Super Fisheye is a 0.4x fisheye conversion lens that offers a 116′ field of view. The adapter is threaded for 72mm lenses but also ships with a 72-to-62mm step-down ring. The front diameter is 90mm, and the lens is designed to work well with many models of high-definition camcorders.


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The Balance Beam is a tripod-mounted weight system that allows for smoother pans when using compact camcorders. The system is constructed with ” x 2″ powder-coated aluminum and allows for 3″ of adjustment for the weights. The system ships with a Manfrotto quick-release adapter.


Suggested Retail Price:

$250 (tripod not included)

Music 2 Hues

Music 2 Hues’ newest Flagship Series disc, Funk Guitar and Bass, is the first available as either CD or download (the entire CD or single tracks). Music 2 Hues says it has “…everything from retro to cutting edge funk… (with) Hot and soulful guitar playing… along with some pop and slap bass playing and funky organ riffs…”.


Suggested Retail Price:

Starting at $24/track (download) or $50/disc (discounts for larger purchases


TDK’s Mini Blu-ray Disc media can hold up to 7.5GB (enough for one hour of 1080i HD video) and is available in BD-R and BD-RE versions. The discs can be labeled safely with either oil- or water-based markers.


Suggested Retail Price:

$25 (BD-R), $35 (BD-RE)

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