Music 2 Hues

Music 2 Hues has added Adrenaline Crush, a CD of “aggressive, high-energetic grooves” to its Flagship Series production music line. Track titles include Crunch Guitars, Crash Dive, Screech Head, Funky Snakes, Wood Pecker and Percussion Grunge. Individual tracks can also be downloaded directly from Music 2 Hues.

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Starting at $24/track (download) or $48/disc (discounts with larger purchases)

Nady Systems

Nady’s USB-24M USB microphone connects to any computer with a USB 2.0 connection and can operate with most digital audio software. The microphone utilizes a dynamic neodymium element and cardioid pickup pattern and includes a 96kHz/24-bit A/D converter.

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DV Caddie

DV Caddie’s DVCA-D1 is a miniature dolly with an aluminum base and a 6 3/4″ wheelbase, utilizing grooved urethane wheels that can glide on any flat surface or tubing up to 3/4″ (outer diameter). The dolly ships with a removable riser and includes a friction brake.

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