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ADS Tech

ADS Tech's Pyro A/V Link Studio combines ADS' Pyro A/V Link FireWire converter box with Sony Media Software's Vegas+DVD Production Suite. The Pyro A/V Link box includes composite, S-Video and component inputs, and also includes a FireWire pass-through.

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Artbeats has announced new HD stock footage collections of international people and cultures. The collections include The Holy Land, People of Central America, People of East Africa, People of the Andes, People of the Middle East, People of the South Pacific, Faces of the World and Children of the World. Footage captured in 1080i at 29.97 fps.

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$799-$899 per collection

Kanguru Solutions

Kanguru Solutions' 16x 1 to 11 DVD duplicator includes a 200GB KanguruDisk removable hard drive capable of storing 40 DVDs worth of disk images. The duplicator can produce up to 111 full DVDs or 220 full CDs per hour, and supports both DVD-R and DVD+R formats.

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