United Media’s Multicam software now supports Premiere Pro 1.5., Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme, Canopus DVStorm2 and standard OHCI-compliant FireWire cards. The software includes real-time tools for precise viewing and editing of multiple camera sources.

(714) 777-4510
Suggested Retail Price: $299

Sony’s DVDirect is an external USB 2.0 dual-layer, dual-format DVD burner that operates at speeds of up to 16X (48X for CDs). It can also act as a set-top DVD recorder, and includes S-Video and composite video inputs and stereo audio inputs. Ahead’s Nero disc authoring software is included for computer use.

(800) 222-SONY
Suggested Retail Price: $300

Turtle Beach’s Video Advantage PCI is an analog video capture system featuring 10-bit color quantization. The device has a 5 1/4″ drive bay breakout connection that includes access to S-video, composite video, line and microphone inputs, along with a FireWire port and a USB passthrough. The device captures video as either DV or MPEG, and video is transferable directly to DVD.

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Suggested Retail Price: $170

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