Add your Head to Cartoon Characters with Video Effects Studio

Animation Studio

Animated Communications 3DChor Video Effects Studio allows head shots to be grafted onto any of hundreds of provided 3D animated characters, which can then be integrated directly into a video project. All elements can be controlled using motion paths, and all characters have a number of pre-defined funny and clever actions.

(919) 967-2890
Suggested Retail Price: $349

Scopes on a Laptop

Serious Magic DV Rack is a real-time monitoring and evaluation tool for DV-format video, including a vectorscope, a waveform monitor, an audio spectrum analyzer and an automated quality monitor that automatically flags potential problems. It uses your computer to analyze the video via the FireWire jack. You can also use it to capture footage directly to your hard drive.

(916) 985-8000
Suggested Retail Price: $495

Sometimes You’re the Bug

ItWorks’ Calibug is a USB keychain drive pre-loaded with a wide array of NTSC test signals. Attach it to a computer with an NTSC output and use it to generate color bars, countdowns and tones. Patterns for adjusting computer monitors and video projectors are also included, along with a full NTSC glossary.

(530) 899-8434
Suggested Retail Price: $129

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