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The Voice
Nightingale Music presents Voice Drops, volume 4 of its Voice Box collection. Voice Drops features over 20 subject headings of material, including licensed clips from popular Hollywood films, voice samples, "Vocal Foley" and words of wisdom, among other categories. The CD contains 750 sound clips, and a FileMaker Pro database of clips is available for download from Nightingale’s Web site.

(416) 221-2393
Suggested Retail Price: $129


Iomega’s REV 35GB drives are available in external USB 2.0, external bus-powered FireWire (pictured) and internal ATAPI configurations. Iomega plans to release SCSI and Serial ATA versions later this year. The FireWire version, aimed at Mac users, includes a Mac-formatted REV cartridge that can be reformatted for Windows.

(888) 4-IOMEGA
Suggested Retail Prices: ATAPI: $380, USB and FireWire: $400

Touch Me

Wondertouch’s particleIllusion 3.0 allows the addition of particle effects to any image, animation or video footage (including smoke, fire, explosions, water effects and sparkles, among other effects). The software uses OpenGL acceleration to provide rapid previewing and rendering.

(636) 225-7861
Suggested Retail Price: $399

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