New Gear

Optura, Revisited

Canon’s Optura 400 and Optura 500 Mini DV camcorders use single 2.2-megapixel CCDs and feature 10x optical zoom lenses. Both models include manual audio level controls and 16×9 modes that use the entire width of the CCD. The Optura 500 adds a white LED for shooting in darkness and a ring light adapter for macro shooting.

(800) 828-4040
Suggested Retail Price: Optura 400: $999 / Optura 500: $1,199

The Rail

The Ronsrail is a lens and camera support system developed by wildlife photographer Ron Armstrong for using long lenses safely with a Canon XL1, XL1s or XL2 Mini DV camcorder. The Ronsrail weighs three pounds, and with its adjustable sliding clamps, it can accommodate lenses with focal lengths of up to 600mm.

(253) 639-1153
Suggested Retail Price: $800

Catch a Wave

Music2Hues’ WaveTrack series includes over 500 music tracks suitable for beds and special effect tracks on two DVD-ROMs. The music on the discs is in .wav format for compatibility with a wide range of editing and sequencing systems.

(888) 821-7515
Suggested Retail Price: $185

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