New Gear

Adobe’s Video Collection 2.5 includes updates of Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, Audition and After Effects. Big new features include Panasonic 24P and HD support in Premiere Pro, performance enhancements and color adjustment tools for After Effects, enhanced support for video in Audition and background transcoding in Encore DVD.

(800) 833-6687

Suggested Retail Price: Standard: $999; Professional: $1,499

Indie Power

Heuris’ Indie HD Toolkit allows you to capture HDV footage into your Macintosh for editing with Final Cut Pro, or manipulation by any other applications that use QuickTime. The software also includes a utility for playing HDV footage through a D-VHS VCR and a 720p30 HD encoding plugin for QuickTime.

(314) 534-1514

Suggested Retail Price: $499

Scaling the Alps

Are you a former Play Trinity user who misses its many unique transitions? GrangerFX’s TrinityFX is a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects that contains over 500 transitions and effects originally popularized on the Trinity, including 3D DVEs, page peels and fully ray-traced scenes.

(949) 939-8825

Suggested Retail Price: $499


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Time to Edit

Canopus’ Let’s Edit editing software can mix video clips, add text and other special effects, rendering all in real time. The RT version adds a Canopus FireWire card, and the RT+ version includes a FireWire/analog video capture card. Ulead DVD MovieFactory is also included in the package.

(888) 899-EDIT

Suggested Retail Price: Standard: $149; RT: $299; RT+: $399

Quick to CD

Jasc’s Photo Album 5 allows you to quickly create still image slideshows that play in DVD players. You can also add MP3 music to your presentations. Multiple slideshows can be stored on a single CD. Other image sharing options provided by the software include Internet, screen savers and QuickTime movies.

(952) 934-8888

Suggested Retail Price: $45 (ESD); $49 (box)

Edit ‘n Burn

MainConcept’s EVE 2 includes built-in DVD burning, and the AutoEdit feature can assemble video projects automatically. The software also includes background rendering, a multi-clip trimmer and a number of real-time effects. The software also includes the famous MainConcept MPEG-2 encoder, with presets for DVD, VCD and SVCD projects.

(216) 378-7655

Suggested Retail Price: $69

Vista Vision

Glidecam’s Vista Head pan-tilt head features full 360-degree pans and tilts in both high and low modes. It accommodates cameras weighing up to 20 lbs, and features high-torque 12-volt motors. A joystick control with a 15-foot cable and a 12-volt AC transformer and power converter are included.

(800) 600-2011

Suggested Retail Price: $1,899

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