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Just Want to Be Free

2b Royalty-Free announces their Designer Soundscapes collection of royalty-free music. The 73-minute disc includes 16 Soundscapes with 50 Soundtrack Tools, which are sounds that can be layered together with the Soundscapes to customize the music easily.

Suggested Retail Price: $3,000

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Plextor’s PX-708A dual-format DVD burner can burn DVD+R discs at speeds up to 8X, DVD+RW and DVD-R media at speeds up to 4X and DVD-RW discs at 2X. The drive includes a 2MB buffer and includes PhotoSuite 5 SE software and Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator, along with a trial version of Dantz’ Retrospect backup software.

(800) 886-3935

Suggested Retail Price: $299

For the Aural Blacksmith

Sony Pictures Digital Networks presents Sound Forge 7.0, the latest release of the audio editing package, which adds VU meters, spectrum analysis, support for DirectX plug-ins and generation of white, pink and brown noise. The software retains support for an extensive number of file formats and sample depths as high as 32 bits at frequencies of up to 192kHz.

(800) 577-6642

Suggested Retail Price: $500

Shine the Lite-On Me

Lite-On’s LDW-411S dual-format DVD burner can burn DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD+RW discs at 4X, DVD-RW discs at 2X and CD-R discs at 40X. A 2MB buffer with SMART-BURN buffer underrun protection helps prevent errors and ruined discs. The drive measures only 6.7 inches deep (shorter than most other optical drives) for better ventilation in cramped cases.

Suggested Retail Price: $150

The Flashy One

Macromedia has announced a new Flash Video Streaming Service, which enables users to deliver Flash content with video across VitalStream’s high-performance content distribution network. The Macromedia Flash Player has a vast installed base, so most Internet users can view content authored using the new Flash MX tool.

(415) 252-2000

Suggested Retail Price: $699

The Big Rig

DvTec’s DvRigPro, distributed domestically by Ste-Man, is a shoulder-worn rig that gives users 180-degrees of tilt on the vertical axis and also allows perfect eye-level pedestal shots. The segments of the rig are spring-loaded, which helps to stabilize the image. Light stand adapters and remote controls are also available for use with the DvRigPro.

(818) 760-8240

Suggested Retail Price: $665

Let it Whip

Gateway’s DV-S20 Pocket Multi-Cam is a 4.3-ounce MPEG-4 camera that records 320×240 progressive video at 22-25 frames per second. The camera includes 64MB of internal flash memory as well as an SD Card slot. Additional features include a 1.5-inch color viewscreen, a built-in flash and an f/2.8 lens.

(800) 369-1409

Suggested Retail Price: $199

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