Creating PC Video

Douglas Stevenson and Robert Wolenik (1999, Focal Press,, 180 pages, $24.95)
A few years ago, only a few, very expensive computers were powerful enough to store and edit video. Now, video applications are included on nearly every home computer on the market. Douglas Stevenson and Robert Wolenik offer a guide to the world of computer video in Creating PC Video , a handy guide to PC video use.
Among the subjects covered are tips for selecting an editing system, nonlinear editing techniques, and the creation of music, CD-ROMs, streaming video, Web sites and more. Clearly written in a casual but informative style, Stevenson and Wolenik cover the basics for home users and hobbyists and offer more advanced advice for experienced hobbyists.
Creating PC Video is a well-organized book with useful graphics and photographs that demonstrate exactly how to follow the advice the authors give. It’s one of the most practical books available for both beginner and experienced video hobbyists.

Boris Basics

Rex Olson (2000, Desktop Images, (800) 377-1039,, 100 min., $49.95)
Sometimes reading the manual that comes with a product isn’t enough. Manuals don’t teach you the tips and tricks to get professional looking results. The people at Desktop Images are aware of this, and in their video Boris Basics they give BorisFX users expert step-by-step instruction that takes the viewer beyond the manual.
Tim Wilson, President of Keys Entertainment, demonstrates a vast number of features in the BorisFX packages. Beginning with basic keyframing and ending with 3D imaging and masks, Wilson keeps his advice simple while displaying useful keyboard shortcuts, professional tricks and creative solutions.
The 100-minute video is long, but the tape comes with a log that gives exact counter times where various demonstrations occur and segments are clearly identified with graphics for easy reference in FF. Two other tapes are available in this series: Boris DVE and Boris Filters.

Corporate Media Production

Ray DiZazzo (2000, Focal Press,, 244 pages, $39.95)
Corporate media covers informational, motivational and training videos for businesses. As with any specialty, there are tricks to succeeding as a producer in this specialized area. In Corporate Media Production Ray DiZazzo shares from a wealth of knowledge and experience in the corporate venue.
DiZazzo covers each stage of producing corporate videos: scriptwriting, shooting, directing and post production. He also gives advice about details that can make or break a production, such as how to keep a good relationship with the client and methods to help amateur talent relax on camera.
Corporate Media Production is an excellent reference for those interested in producing corporate video. This book isn’t intended for casual hobbyists, it is targeted at serious video editors and professionals trying to make money producing corporate video. If you want tips to help you succeed in corporate video production, this book is worth a look.

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