Audio Post-production in Video and Film

Audio Post-production in Video and Film

Tim Amyes (1998, Focal Press,, 236 pp., $38)

Are you interested in learning how to improve your audio post-production skills? Tim Amyes presents the material in a textbook style format in his informative book Audio Post-Production in Film and Video.

Amyes talks about recording the audio, editing it to film or video and everything in-between. The helpful diagrams throughout the book help visualize the concepts Amyes hits on. Analog mixing consoles, processing equipment and digital audio workstations are just a few of the hardware touched on in this informative book. Not only does he talk about the equipment, Amyes gives helpful hints and a multitude of useful secrets about the trade for audio post-production.

Audio Post-Production in Video and Film can really be a tremendous help for audio tasks on all levels. With all of the useful terminology contained between these two covers, this would make a great reference guide on any production bookshelf.

Food Styling "Tricks" for Photography & Video – Part One: "Cool Stuff"

Victoria Video Production

(1999, Victoria Video Production,, 36 minutes, $40)

Ever wonder how photographers make food items look so tasty in their shots? Food Styling "Tricks" for Photography & Video could be just the instructional video you are looking for.

This video focuses on "cool stuff" such as ice cream, and cold beverages. Everything from how to make fake ice to making a glass look wet with condensation is addressed in this short video.

Secrets on how to make your photos and video shoots look more realistic than the real thing are revealed. Want to know how to make a margarita look like the real thing without actually making a margarita? Or how about how to make a mug of root beer look frosty? Simple and inexpensive tricks of the trade are revealed in this tape.

Styling "Tricks" for Photography and Video will go a long way in helping to demystify the world of food styling for videography. If you shoot food, or intend to in the future, this one is well worth the price.

Placing Shadows:

Lighting Techniques for Video Production

Chuck D. Gloman, Tom Letourneau (2000, Focal Press,, 192 pp., $30)

Bad lighting can be devastating to a shot, especially when a photographer is trying to obtain a certain dramatic effect. Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for Video Production will help you master the art of lighting and shadow placing.

Gloman and Letourneau do an outstanding job of explaining the physics of light and how to manipulate it to achieve the desired effect of the photographer. Things like lighting instruments and their functions, video contrast ratios and different types of lamps are just the beginning of the information available in its pages.

Location lighting and studio lighting are two entirely different concepts and are equally discussed in this well-written book. There is even a terms and tips section to help those beginners out there. Don’t struggle with poor lighting on your next video shoot. Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for Video Production could be just the guide you are looking for.


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