Book and Tape Reviews

Basic Betacam & DVCPro Camerawork

Peter Ward (1998, Focal Press, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801; 218 pp., $30)

Basic Betacam & DVCPro Camerawork is a hands-on, step-by-step guide to camera techniques. Though it’s written with Betacam and DVC Pro formats in mind, it can be applied to any camcorder format.

Ward guides the reader through basic camera techniques covering everything from adjusting the camera’s controls to basic production techniques. He goes on to discuss camera angles, shot composition and editing. He even includes sections on lighting and audio tips to help videographers get under way.


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By including video theory and explaining the technical jargon, Ward helps fill in the whole video picture. The author goes beyond the topics you would expect, including chapters on video journalism, editing and troubleshooting.

Overall, Ward provides a balanced mix of technology and techniques while making some technically difficult subjects easy to grasp.

Wedding Video for PROFIT: A Business and Marketing Guide
Mitch Lang (1998, Oak Tree Press, 256 Guinea Hill Road, Slate Hill, NY 10973; 141 pp., $80)

Wedding Video for PROFIT is not a book about producing videos, but a guide to business and marketing strategies for those interested in the wedding video production business. Along with good advice on how to start a small business, Lang includes information on small business administration publications and Internet sites geared toward starting a small business. The book also contains a list of related Web sites that offer advice, examples and services for enterpreneurial wedding video producers.

Although aimed at starting a wedding video production business, you can apply much of this useful information to other video businesses like industrial and training videos, as Lang explains.

The author also includes a number of examples of forms, contracts and price lists to make this a useful book for a wide range videographers interested in starting their own businesses.

The “Need to Know” Guide to Digital Videomaking
Michael Yeager and Phebe Enfield (1999, Digital Institute of Video Arts, 1630 N. Main St. Suite 132, Walnut Creek, CA 94596; 90 min., $30)

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